Palikir, capital of the Federated States of Micronesia

If you want to organize a different trip, we have a proposal for you. This time, we advise you to cross more than half the planet. Palikir is the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia, an archipelago located between Asia and Oceania, very close to the equator. Would you like to know more about this place?

Palikir, the capital of the 600 islands

The Federated States of Micronesia is an archipelago formed by almost 600 islands east of the Philippines. Most of the islands are atolls, coral reefs and overhanging rocks of underwater mountain ranges. Even some of them were volcanoes in the past, currently inactive.

Pohnpei Airport - Gargoylepni / Wikimedia Commons

With its capital in Palikir, The states of Micronesia are divided into four regions: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. Palikir is located on the island of Pohnpei, the largest of all the islands that make up the country.

The archipelago is located in an ideal area, north of the equator, which makes it have a perfect climate for a vacation.

These islands were discovered by Europeans in the 16th century. For a time Spain occupied the region, but then entered into a dispute with the United States that led to a war. As a result, Spain lost control in the Pacific and, finally, the United States occupied the area.

The government invested in the development of the city, and as a result, in both Palikir and other cities in Micronesia, there is a mix of Americans, Australians, Europeans, Chinese and Filipinos. The most common language is English and the American influence is noticeable in commerce and tourism organization.

How to fully enjoy Palikir?

Nan Madol Ruins

Palikir is the capital of these 600 islands, although barely has 6000 inhabitants. Of all the population centers, it is the most developed in economic terms and, therefore, it is the best place to travel.

Basically the city is designed for tourism, your main source of income. Throughout the capital you have numerous shopping places, leisure establishments, bars, restaurants ...

But above all, on the island where the city sits there are a number of places that you cannot miss. If you are looking for nature, We advise you to visit the Pohnpei caves, a beautiful landscape by the ocean.

With this, you should also visit Nan Madol, a walled enclosure that was built in Antiquity for funeral and ceremonial purposes. It is on the outskirts of Palikir, but it is worth visiting to discover the history of the civilizations that occupied these islands.

What else awaits you here?

Typical dance - Dana Lee ling /

In addition, another of Palikir's most prominent elements is its culture. Dance and music are the traditional practices of greater weight. You will have the opportunity to meet unique dances, such as pole dance.

Finally, We advise you to take the opportunity to taste the gastronomy From this place. Along with tourism, fishing is the next source of income for Palikir and all of Micronesia. Therefore, it is advisable to taste their fish dishes, but also pork, chicken, etc.

Why travel to Palikir?

Kepirohi waterfall - Adam Lederer /

After all that has been seen, it is clear that it can be a perfect holiday destination. If you are looking for a quiet and heavenly place, it is a great option. But, above all, if you are looking for a relaxing place on the beach where you can enjoy your vacation, Palikir has everything for you.

Since its climate is tropical, you can travel at virtually any time of the year. This will allow you to organize your dates quite flexibly. Here the temperatures are high and stable during most of the year.

However, the region is often hit by typhoons, mainly between June and September. We advise you to look at the weather if you plan to travel to Palikir and surroundings on those dates.

As you have seen, Palikir has many opportunities for you: from gastronomy, to beach tourism (through water sports) in this small town you will enjoy a quiet holiday. Take advantage that it is not yet well known. Art, sun and beach that you can only find here!

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