We visited Grandson Castle in Switzerland

Grandson Castle is the largest monument in this city of Switzerland. Now it is a great tourist attraction, but in several phases of its history it has been a fortress that has marked the future of the country. In addition, over time it has undergone several remodeling until it reaches what it is today.

Visiting it is always interesting, since It houses a museum where you will learn part of the history of this building. Its interior, but above all its external part, show that medieval character that will surely fascinate you. Let's get to know him better.

Origin of Grandson Castle

Grandson Castle - James Stringer / Flickr.com

Grandson Castle is an ancient medieval fortress. And is that It was built at the beginning of the 11th century with the aim of defending the settlement of possible attacks that could come from abroad. This is, therefore, one of the first castles that were built in Switzerland.

In its first centuries of life the castle was far from what it is today. You have to wait until the fourteenth century to see the first major remodeling. During the term of Count Otto I, Grandson Castle included several modifications aimed at improving the defense of the fortification.

Specific, three great towers rose to defend the castle from invaders who tried to besiege it. This could be the century of maximum splendor in relation to the development of the structure, but it was not quite so.

Protagonist in the battle

Grandson Castle

In 1420 the castle would change owners and from then on it would be the counts of Charlon-Arlay who were responsible for its management. During this stage the fortress continued to grow, because two other towers were built.

All these modifications had their usefulness in the defense of Grandson Castle a few years later. At the end of the century the battle of Grandson took place, where the Duke of Burgundy, Carlos the Reckless, faced the Swiss Confederates.

The latter managed to take the castle in 1475. Then, Carlos the Reckless set out to recover it. He got it the following year and, after the victory,he sent the 400 besieged to hang who had resisted inside the fortress.

Visit Grandson Castle

Interior of the castle - Derbo D. Derbon / Flickr.com

If you pass through the city on your trip to Switzerland, Visiting Grandson Castle is a good plan. You will be able to know an ancient fortification, scenario centuries ago of important battles for the history of the country. Take some time to admire its rugged exterior, perhaps what fascinates you most by its medieval appearance.

But you can also tour the interior of the castle and stroll through its rooms. As we advanced, some of them today they host a small historical museum. So you can learn about the main events in the city and, above all, those that had Grandson Castle as the main stage.

In the exhibition you will be able to see an interesting collection of weapons of all time. Thus, you can see swords, shields, armor or even ropes such as those used centuries ago to hang the defeated in the most important battle in the castle.

Take a tour of Lake Neuchâtel

Lake Neuchâtel - teepi / Flickr.com

Near Grandson Castle you can walk along the shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The views of the great monument are impressive and, if you have a good camera, you can take some great photos of the castle over the waters.

And the story of Grandson Castle is closely linked to Lake Neuchâtel. When the fortress was built in the eleventh century it was done in such a way that the waters of the lake were part of the defense system. That is, they surrounded the castle and made its siege more difficult.

This ceased to be so in the 19th century., because the water level of Lake Neuchâtel dropped and since then it is no longer connected to the castle. Even so, the lake remains in the construction environment and, of course, you should enjoy it.

Main picture: Alexey M. / Wikimedia Commons

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