The Gongchen Bridge over the Grand Canal in Hangzhou

The Gongchen bridge saves the waters of the Grand Canal in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. A beautiful stone construction that is also one of the busiest places in the city. Not only for locals, but also for many tourists. We want to give you more details of this beautiful bridge. Do not miss it!

Things to do on the Gongchen Bridge

We said that the Gongchen Bridge is a transit place for thousands of people every day. It joins the parts of Hangzhou City separated by the Grand Canal, so It is essential step through which many citizens spend each day towards work.

Gongchen Bridge

Further, Gongchen Bridge is a tourist attraction in the city. And it is because of its architecture. Being built in stone, it breaks with the aesthetics of the rest of the city and gives it a more medieval style.

It is composed of three large arches. It is through the center, the highest, where the heaviest vessels pass. An ideal way to get to know the bridge is to navigate the Grand Canal. So do not hesitate to get on a tourist boat that passes underneath to get incredible views.

A walk on the bridge is also a fabulous experience. The views of the canal, which connects Hangzhou with Beijing, with the boats passing under your feet, will make you take the camera to get the best pictures.

On the Gongchen Bridge you can see the sculpture that is at the water level. It is a legendary creature known as Ba Xia. It is a kind of dragon, an animal whose function is to defend the bridge. It is the center of attention for visitors to the city who pass through the bridge every day.

The best advice about the Gongchen Bridge is to visit it also at night. You will discover a new bridge, because the lights that illuminate it seem to create a different construction. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit the bridge at different times of the day and enjoy the sunset over its arches.

The Grand Canal of China

As we have said, the Gongchen Bridge passes over the Grand Canal of China. It is the longest artificial river in the world. It unites the cities of Beijing and Hangzhou and its importance for the country is enormous. Even a few years ago it was declared a World Heritage Site.

Canal in Suzhou

This project It was devised at the beginning of the 7th century, when construction began, which projected 1700 kilometers in length. Throughout its history some parts have been modified. And, as always when you change something that was right, there were some problems that culminated in floods.

At present, the Grand Canal of China is divided into several parts and, although some are heavily polluted and the water level is low, in others it is sailed without problem. The main activity of the channel is the transport of goods in large boats.

In Hangzhou you can walk with him and admire this great man-made construction and preserved for centuries. And, of course, a great way to contemplate it is on the Gongchen bridge.

The great construction of Hangzhou

Bay Bridge - hto2008 /

But, if we talk about impressive bridges, the main one in Hangzhou is the one in the bay. It is 36 kilometers long. A construction with just over ten years of life that is the third longest bridge in the world.

One way to admire it and understand its size is to take a car trip through it. The large structure has six lanes, three in each direction and also allows maritime traffic through Hangzhou Bay. The objective of this bridge is to link Shanghai with Ningbo.

A spectacular bridge, but it will be even more when the project that is currently undertaken is finished. Halfway, is under construction an artificial island in which to offer travelers basic services without having to wait to cross the bridge completely to get them.

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