Travel to the Czech Republic: useful tips

The Czech Republic is one of the countries in ancient Eastern Europe that has grown the most in recent decades. He has done it industrially and socially, but also at the tourist level. Especially for the enormous beauty of its capital. However, traveling to the Czech Republic must be much more than seeing Prague, and that is our first advice. If you have occasion, you must visit other wonderful places in the country.

Leave the capital of the Czech Republic

Charles Bridge in Prague

If you are going to travel to the Czech Republic, the visit to Prague becomes a must. Enjoying its Old Town, its castle, the Mala Strana neighborhood and the infinite artistic repertoire of its streets is a delight for any traveler.

However, It has its drawbacks. One of them is massification at certain times of the year (almost any calendar month). And also its excessively tourist and abusive prices. That is why our first advice is to leave the capital.

There are many other fantastic places to visit in the Czech Republic: the spas of Bohemia, Cesky Krumlov, Pilsen or the beautiful Kutná Hora. So you will discover a very rich country, with less stress and also cheaper.

Take advantage of the transport network

Zampach Viaduct

A good option when traveling to the Czech Republic is to take advantage of its good rail network. It is possible to travel almost the entire country by train, and at very attractive prices.

However, Another possibility is to travel with our car or with a rented one. It must be said that Czechs tend to be quite respectful at the wheel and foreigners can drive only with the international license.

If you go by car on the roads of the Czech Republic, at any time of day or night, you must bring the vehicle lights on.

Best time to travel to the Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov

The best time of the year to travel to the Czech Republic is spring. Then the temperatures are quite mild and, although it can rain, the weather is usually sunny. On the other hand, during the winter the cold can be very intense throughout the country.

While, in the fall the sad days of rain are common. And finally, in summer, although it is not too hot, there are usually many tourists. Especially in Prague.

So you already have the general meteorological references in the Czech Republic. And if you finally listen to us and take the trip in the spring months, don't forget to wear some warm clothes, as well as the raincoat, because there may be cooler and more humid days.

Switch to the Czech currency

Czech crowns

The Czech Republic has been joining the European Union for years. However, he has never wanted to trade with the euro, and keeps your currency: the Czech crown. Something that differentiates it from its neighboring Slovakia, with which it once formed the Czechoslovakian pro-Soviet, which hastened to take the common European currency.

The point is that, even if you don't use the euro, in the most tourist sites there are no problems to accept that currency, much stronger than the crown. However, to avoid abuse it is better to exchange currencies. Something that we recommend to do in banks and post offices, since exchange houses usually charge high commissions.

Health issues

As we have indicated, the Czech Republic is part of the territory of the European Union and, therefore, Europeans do not require any special document or visa to enter the country. And also can receive free medical care in it with the European Health Card.

In general terms, Czech health is quite acceptable and of a good standard. And even in the cities it will not be strange that we can explain ourselves in English with their staff.

However, if we have chronic diseases or for the most common conditions, such as migraines, colds or gastrointestinal problems, we recommend carrying a small first aid kit.

Anyway, what The Czech Republic is not a country that is especially different from the rest of the European territories. Therefore, too specific advice is not necessary to prepare this trip. Simply apply the logic in our behavior.

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