Portsmouth, an interesting port city

Portsmouth is an English city located on the banks of the English Channel. Port and naval history, fantastic monuments and much more. All this is what awaits you there if you dare to include this fantastic city in your itinerary through the United Kingdom. Ready for the adventure? Get ready for a somewhat different visit!

Portsmouth, naval tradition on the banks of the English Channel

Portsmouth Harbor

Because of its strategic location, at the gates of the European continent, Portsmouth has been an important port hub. And he has managed to survive wars against different sides thanks to his fortification and his defense.

For 800 years it was the seat of the Royal British Navy, although currently the traffic that leaves from Portshmouth is reduced to goods and people.

In the past it was a very important city for England and far ahead of its time. It was a place of great development of the Industrial Revolution, since the Navy wanted to expand its fleets. For this, a huge network of factories was created in the shipyards.

The result was that in the 19th century, the world's largest chain production system had been created here. Portsmouth was known internationally for its industrial potential.

The shipyards where so many ships were produced are still standing, in memory of glorious times. But after this period, World War II left Portsmouth with serious losses and damage.

How to fully enjoy Portsmouth?

To bring you an unforgettable memory of this marine city, We advise you to write the following stops on your itinerary. Many are obviously related to the naval history of Portsmouth. Take note of all!

1. The historic shipyard of Portsmouth

HMS Victory at the historic pier

How to miss the site with the most naval history in England! You know that in the nineteenth century in its shipyards there were dozens of ship manufacturing factories. In short, a mandatory place to visit.

You can pay a ticket to visit it in full. It will also allow you to know at least three important ships for the city. They are the following.

  • HMS Warrior, which was the first ship built in iron for Queen Victoria.
  • Mary Rose, an old warship used by Henry VIII in the 16th century.
  • HMS Victory, built in 1805 and a worthy participant in the battle of Trafalgar. On board this ship, Admiral Nelson traveled and lost his life in the country.

2. Climb the Spinnaker Tower

Spinnaker Tower

If you did not find it enough to see the impressive boats of the Portsmouth shipyards, you have the opportunity to view them from a different view. Specifically, from the 170 meters high of the Spinnaker tower, a building very close to the shipyards and with a very peculiar shape.

You can visit the tower at the exit of the shipyards and, in addition, you can enjoy the shopping center right at your feet. You can not lose this!

3. Portchester Castle

Portchester Castle

Located a little away from Portsmouth, It is an ancient fortress built in the 11th century. It is located north of Portsmouth and from there there are great views of the city.

Currently, it is very well preserved and inside there are recreations and interesting shows. We are sure that its appearance, despite its age, will leave you speechless.

4. House of Charles Dickens

Dickens House-Museum - Graham Tiller / Flickr.com

You are right! Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, and the city honors his memory in what was his home, turned into a museum. Inside, all the furniture and utensils that belonged to the writer are preserved, maintaining the essence of the early nineteenth century.

Its schedule is from ten in the morning to five in the afternoon. The entrance fee is 6 pounds for adults, 3 pounds for children and 4.50 senior citizens and students. Can you imagine entering the former home of one of the most important European writers in history?

Definitely, traveling to Portsmouth will make you feel like a novel. Possibly written by Charles Dickens and the ships are the protagonists. There is no doubt that it is a different visit that will fill your trip through England with the fresh sea air. Ready for the adventure?

Video: Port City Pub- Portsmouth, Ohio (November 2019).