The cheapest countries in the world for travelers

The list of the cheapest countries in the world for travelers is always temporary. The socioeconomic conditions are changing. There are also situations such as disasters or exceptional events that can change the landscape.

Even so, there are some affordable destinations where, except for very unusual situations, the costs are usually kept within reach of a low budget traveler. And it is not that they are places with few attractions. Rather it has to do with the availability of commodities and the stability of the local economy.

The expenses that most alter the budget of the traveler are those of transport, food and accommodation. In the world's cheapest countries for travelers, those are precisely the costs that remain lower than usual. These are seven of the cheapest countries on different continents.

1. Macedonia, the cheapest country in Europe

Church of San Juan in Ohrid

Europe is much more than Paris, Barcelona or Rome. In the Old Continent there are also several countries and cities that can be much cheaper than traditional destinations. The best example is Macedonia, a country located in the Balkans, which used to be part of what Yugoslavia was.

The cost of accommodation average is around 16 dollars. And the food is up to 61% cheaper than it would be in Spain, for example. It also has beautiful landscapes and a very active cultural life.

2. India, one of the cheapest countries in the world

Taj Mahal

The charm of India needs no introduction. It is a country full of attractions, which can satisfy the interests of multiple types of travelers. India is landscapes, culture, technology and endless surprises.

The best thing is that it is also one of the cheapest countries in the world for travelers. On average, basic expenses are up to 53% lower than those of a country like France or Germany.

3. Bolivia, a very economical country

Titicaca lake

Bolivia is one of those countries that never promotes enough. It has an absolutely beautiful natural environment. Highlights destinations such as Titicaca and the Uyuni Salt Flats. It also has an exuberant culture, where the indigenous element has a great presence.

To date it is the cheapest country in South America. The costs of food and accommodation become up to 40% cheaper than in other countries of the continent.

4. Nicaragua, a very complete destination


Nicaragua is also not one of the most promoted destinations, although the country is full of natural beauties and places of interest. Together with Honduras,they are the cheapest countries in Central America.

The best time to visit this country is from December to February, for its dry and warm weather. Special mention deserves Granada, a city full of colonial charm, which is very close to the Laguna de Apoyo, a heavenly place.

5. Indonesia, a wonderful place

Raja Ampat in Indonesia

Indonesia appears in all the "top 10" of cheap countries for travelers. It is an island country where you can visit a different island every day And all are sensational.

It is a country whose offer is extremely wide: from luxury sites to hostels that have nothing to envy to a good hotel and for very low prices. The cheapest places are Kuta and Legion.

6. Morocco, the charm of North Africa


It is a very tourist country, but not expensive. It is an interesting place that offers a different experience. Fez and Marrakech stand out, two sites with charming architecture and a set of striking customs.

This country has a surprising gastronomic offer. It is a romantic and charming country that offers one of those experiences that last in memory for a long time.

"You have to travel to learn."

-Mark Twain-

7. The Caribbean and a cruise

Caribbean cruises are reputed to be expensive. Well, this has changed. In 2017 there were several hurricanes that affected the area and many of the destinations that were previously inaccessible changed their promotional strategy.

That is why today there are several cruises at a good price in the Caribbean. Basically in places like Tortola, San Martin, Puerto Rico, San Bartolomé, St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. Even though many of these islands are under reconstruction, have not lost the natural charm that defines them.