We visited Yosemite National Park in California

In the central area of ​​the Sierra Nevada of the state of California is one of the most impressive national parks in the United States. We discover what makes Yosemite National Park so special and why it is worth moving to a place like this. Get ready to enjoy nature to the fullest!

Yosemite National Park, a World Heritage Site

Yosemite National Park - EastVillage Images

Yosemite is a national park located 320 kilometers from the famous city of San Francisco. It has an area of ​​three thousand square kilometers and extends along the Sierra Nevada of the United States.

The park has an impressive natural wealth, with waterfalls, crystalline rivers, cliffs and large sequoia forests. In total, there are more than seven thousand species of wild plants.

Its origins date back ten million years ago, when Sierra Nevada formed and housed huge glaciers for years. As a result of the passage of time, the impressive Yosemite Valley was formed, the main attraction of the park.

Currently, Yosemite National Park receives three million tourists every year. All of them in search of living an experience around nature. Since 1984 this place is a World Heritage Site. In addition, it was one of the first parks created by the United States Government.

The best places in Yosemite

It is clear that every corner of this park is impressive, but if your visit is limited, we have a list for you.

Half Dome - Stephen Moehle

The most popular place is Yosemite Valley, but its extension is approximately 1% of the size of the park. Therefore, there are more places that are worth visiting. However, it is the only place in the park that can be visited any day of the year if weather conditions do not accompany.

The following is the famous cliff of El Capitan. You can see it from the Yosemite Valley. It is the most popular place for professional climbers and its appearance is impressive, bluish over the sky. Everything, with permission from the imposing Half Dome.

As for redwood forests, there is the Mariposa, Tuolumne and Merced forests. Other known places are the Yosemite waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the world and the Mirror Lake. Y Don't forget the Glacier Point viewpoint, from it you have an impressive panoramic view of the park.

What can you do in the park?

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Visiting Yosemite Park is the perfect plan for sports and, above all, nature lovers. There you can do various activities, but the most common is hiking. Touring the forests and the Yosemite Valley is the most frequent tourists usually do. You have more than a thousand kilometers to travel.

For those more experienced athletes, it is possible to climb, ride a bike and even ski during winter. Don't worry if you don't know, there are beginner classes.

For water lovers, it is possible to swim in the Merced River from Yosemite Valley, and even do rafting Yes, the weather is good and the water is at a good temperature.

Practical data of visit to Yosemite Park

Vernal Fall - topseller

It is open 24 hours a day and every day of the year. However, The best time to visit is from the end of May to the end of October, which is when there is no snow on the roads. Although it all depends on what you want to do there, of course. During this season it is common for the park to be very crowded, so you must book if you want to camp there.

The entrance fee is thirty dollars for each vehicle that enters the park. The price allows you to enter and leave it for seven days. However, you have to be careful, since there are no gas stations within the park. Calculate your fuel well!

To get there, you have four tickets according to the four cardinal points. You can walk the valley perfectly making use of mountain roads. Just be careful with the weather. You always have the option of hiring tour buses that allow you to tour some famous places.

And here all the useful information related to the wonderful Yosemite Park. Do not forget to carry everything you need in your backpack: sneakers, warm clothes, hat, sunglasses, water ... and the sleeping bag! There is nothing like living a different experience in the middle of nature. Surely you will not regret it.