When and where to see northern lights?

Seeing northern lights is not always easy, although it is a natural phenomenon sought by many travelers. If you are one of those who are thinking about hunting for this wonderful show, pay attention, we will give you very useful information that will help you choose a place and a moment.

When to see Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Iceland - Andrés Nieto Porras / Flickr.com

We would love to give you a date and an hour, as in the case of eclipses, but this does not work well with the Northern Lights. However, yes you can know the dates in which there is more possibility to see them.

It is estimated that the appearance of northern lights occurs between the months of October to March. But nevertheless, it is much easier to see them in the winter months, that is, December, January and February. This happens because, as the sunlight is less, there is much easier to see the stunning colors of the auroras at this time.

Of course These dates differ depending on where you are going to try to see the Northern Lights. For example, the countries in which this phenomenon occurs are the closest to the North Pole, but while in Finland the nights lengthen and darken from September to March, in Iceland it happens from August to April.

Everything will depend on your circumstances, when you can have a vacation, but keep in mind that you can choose countries in which there are greater possibilities and so play with your time, but not with your money.

What are the places to see northern lights

You know on what dates you have to ask for your next vacation to go see this impressive natural phenomenon. Now you have to keep in mind that To enjoy the northern lights you must stay away from light pollution.

But do not worry, there are hotels that have been suitable for it or you can even go camping, something not recommended in winter in cold countries. These are the best places to see northern lights:

Reykjavik, Iceland

Northern Lights in Reykjavik

It is a very accessible place, and also cheaper, to see northern lights. In addition, its time slot is more extensive, as as mentioned above, They can occur from August to April. If you book in advance, both flights and hotels will be cheaper.

Ivalo, Finland

Northern Lights in Ivalo

Flying to Helsinki does not cost much, but it is south of Finland, while the northern lights take place to the north. You will have to either take an internal flight, or rent a car. Make accounts and see what interests you most. However, Ivalo is an incredible place, with wooden bridges and viewpoints where you can enjoy this phenomenon.

Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna, in Sweden, is another place where it is not difficult to see northern lights. As in the case of Finland, if you fly to the capital you will have to find a way to get to the north of the country, with a rental car or in any other way.

Tromsø, Norway

Northern Lights in Tromso

Here we recommend from the minute one that you rent a car. You will enjoy the northern lights, but you can also visit Lapland. And not only that, the fjords are one of the most beautiful natural spectacles, and if you are lucky enough to see Northern Lights over them, you will live an unforgettable experience!

Shetland, United Kingdom

Few people know that in the British Isles they can see northern lights. The island of Shetland, in Scotland, is the ideal place for it. It is always cold and the nights are very long, the perfect setting for this much desired natural phenomenon.

If you want to make even longer trips, in Canada and Alaska you can also see northern lights.

You know when and where you have to go to not miss this wonderful picture of nature that has aroused the curiosity of many. If you have the opportunity to see them live, you will discover why. Do you already know where you will go to enjoy this show that seems taken from another planet? Well to pack your bags and have a good trip!

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