The best time to visit the Luxor temple

Located in ancient Thebes, on the banks of the Nile and surrounded by mango and sand plantations, the temple of Luxor is one of the great jewels of Ancient Egypt. And next to him, a whole series of spectacular monuments that at the time shaped the capital of the Empire.

Some interesting information

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The story of Thebes (on whose remains rose Luxor) begins in 3200 BC. But its maximum splendor reached it more than a thousand years later, when Mentuhotep II put an end to the conflicts in the area, generating a peace situation that caused Thebes to grow to become the political and regional capital of Egypt in 1550 B.C.

One of the treasures of that city that has reached our days is the temple of Luxor. A fabulous enclosure that receives us with a road flanked by dozens of sphinxes and that ends in a monumental door in which two huge statues of Ramses stand out.

When to visit the temple of Luxor?

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As we said, The size of ancient Thebes is impressive. The list of monuments and graves that deserve a visit is so long that it would take several days to do so. Therefore, it is important to prioritize what to visit and what not to leave nothing without seeing what we can later regret.

Further, It is essential to choose the time to go and the most appropriate times to visit the monuments, among them the temple of Luxor. We tell you some tricks.

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The best times

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You have to keep in mind the high temperatures in Egypt, especially in summer. This makes it necessary to consider and stop to think very well when to visit the country and when not.

You could say that there are critical moments during the year to avoid. The first is from July to September, when the cannula makes the visit very overwhelming and uncomfortable. The second is from December to February, when it is the high season, prices rise and the offer decreases considerably.

Perhaps the best months to visit Luxor are November and March. The problem of going in November is the lack of light, which will considerably limit visits. As of March it will not be so much trouble.

How to avoid overcrowding in the temple of Luxor?

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The temple of Luxor is one of the main tourist attractions of Egypt, so tourists are everywhere and avoiding them is undoubtedly an impossible task. Even so, what is possible is, in a way, avoiding crowds to make the visit much more fruitful and comfortable.

First, A good idea is to visit Luxor on our own, instead of choosing an organized excursion. Although it is more comfortable to go with a guide, they also take you through the busiest places, and all tours They do the same tour at the same time.

To visit the temple you can go the taxi, which is expensive, or by bicycle, which comes out for about $ 2 a day. The great advantage is that the temple is in the center of the city, so the journey will never be very long.

An itinerary for the jewels of ancient Thebes

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We already pointed out that the city of Luxor, settled on ancient Thebes, has many tourist attractions, in addition to the temple. Thus It should be organized very well.

It is best to get up very early to visit the temple of Luxor as soon as possible, is the best way to avoid crowds and enjoy it with something more calm.

YAfter that, you can go to the nearby Karnak temple, Another of the jewels of the city. The vast majority of guided excursions start at this site, so when you arrive it is easy for you to find fewer visitors.

On a second day you can tour the temple of Habu in the morning, the tombs of the kings and the temple of Seti. After eating you can go to the Valley of the Kings, at that time tourists are already leaving it and you can enjoy it much more.

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