5 things you have to see in Valdepeñas

Valdepeñas is among the most important towns in the province of Ciudad Real, located southeast and next to Sierra Morena. But it is also a town full of charms. Let's see what to see if you approach this fantastic place.

With a long history, the municipality has a few points of interest. It is due to the great heritage that their religious buildings treasure. And it is worth mentioning some, not forgetting the urban center, where the Plaza de España is the protagonist, being the thermometer of the life of this city.

1. Plaza of Spain

Plaza de España - Zarateman - commons.wikimedia.org

The aspect it shows is from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The arcades fulfill the function of fastening historicist facades, which are decorated in white and indigo and give the square a unique style.

From the square you can see other quite prominent buildings in Valdepeñas. This is the case of the City Council, the church of the Assumption, the market and a fountain in the center that represents wine, which is the main wealth of this population.

2. Modernist houses

Valdepeñas - santiago lopez-pastor / Flickr.com

Despite having such a beautiful square, Valdepeñas is much more. Its urban center makes clear the period in which the city had its greatest splendor, which began at the end of the 18th century and remained during the following decades.

In those years Valdepeñas attracted the most potent in the surroundings, who began to build houses in the city. From that time of economic development the Cruz house, the Ruíz Poveda house, the Izarra house and the La Confianza Casino are preserved.

3. Churches, wealth and variety

As we said before, religious buildings have special importance in the heritage of Valdepeñas.

Church of the Assumption

Church of the Assumption - santiago lopez-pastor / Flickr.com

It is the most renowned church in the town. It has even been listed as B.I.C. (Well of Cultural Interest). It was built on the remains of a Muslim fortress.

What it looks like today is from the 15th century, counting on two ships, a longer main one and the one of San Lorenzo. They add their two beautiful covers, the Sun, made in the Gothic Elizabethan style, and the Catechumens, decorated with the Franciscan cord, rosettes and shells.

Inside there are six tables belonging to its old altarpiece, which was destroyed in the Civil War. In addition, there is the stature of the Virgin of Consolation, patron of Valdepeñas and work of Gregorio Prieto.

Trinitarian Church

Church of the Trinitarians - commons.wikimedia.org

In the past it was part of a convent. It was built between 1615 and 1623, following the Jesuit model. The plant is of Latin cross and the choir is at the foot, made the cover with a vault of lunettes.

Attached to the cruise we have the rescued Jesus chapel. In it we will be able to observe the contrast between the sobriety that the temple has and the ornate baroque of a chapel decorated with brackets in golden tones and paintings where angels are the main protagonists.

There are other temples that are also worth a visit. This is the case of the hermitage of Vera Cruz, which stands on an old synagogue in the 16th century, and is currently an auditorium. Or from the church of Santo Cristo de la Misericordia, which has been declared an artistic historical monument of local interest.

4. Iberian Village of Cerro de las Cabezas

Village of Cerro Cabezas - Juanantonaya /commons.wikimedia.org

It is only 7 kilometers from the city, and dates from the 7th century BC.. The remains are protected as an archaeological zone and can be visited, also having a very interesting interpretation center.

5. Museums of Valdepeñas

In the city center it is possible to visit several museums: the Municipal Museum, Gregorio Prieto Foundation Museum and the Wine Museum.

"Don't go to believe what they tell you about the world (not even what I am telling you) I already told you that the world is uncountable."

-Mario Benedetti-

As you could see, Valdepeñas offers enough attractions for a weekend getaway. So you know, don't miss it. If you are preparing a good place to relax, this location should be present in a prominent place on your agenda.