The souks, the famous traditional Arab markets

Souk comes from souken, which in Arabic means great disorder. In large part, this would be the best description for this kind of places. In these markets of Arab origin you will find fabrics, spices, clothes made with natural silks or finely decorated utensils. The souks are always colorful and lively places and we want to show you some of the most famous.

Souks: much more than stores

The souks are usually located in the central area of ​​the cities. Therefore, they are also considered fundamental spaces of social life and are always full of people. These markets can be daily or weekly and may have different terminology.

Souk - Maurizio De Mattei

The magic and mystery that surrounds them has also made them ideal places to develop novel arguments. or in film scenarios. InArabian Nights, to name just one example, the story ofBeauty grain, in which the father of the protagonist, Chamseddin, is a trustee of the Cairo souk.

The most famous souks

Touring the souks is almost obligatory when visiting any Arab country, so, let's get lost in the best souks in the world. Do not return home empty-handed and buy without thinking about the most famous souks.

1. The souk of Marrakech

Marrakech souk - javiiiii /

It is one of the most celebrated souks in the world. It is located in the heart of the city, between Djemaa El Fna square and the Ben Youssef mosque. Do not forget that Marrakech had its origin as a commercial city, being one of the points of confluence of the caravans of nomads of the desert.

In its establishments, scattered throughout a tangle of alleys, you can find dozens of shops. In themYou can buy everything from leather goods to the famous Arabic carpets. In addition, many shopkeepers are artisans, so any item you buy will be a small piece of art.

2. The Istanbul souk

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul - Iker Merodio /

We refer to the Grand Bazaar, the largest souk in Turkey and one of the largest in the world. It is located in the center of the historical part of the city, in the European part of Istanbul. It has more than 58 streets and 4000 stores. Book all day and be part of the 400,000 daily visits you receive.

The Grand Bazaar has four main doors, located at the ends of its two main avenues, which intersect near the southwest corner of the bazaar. A street links it with the Bayezid II Mosque and the Bayezid Square with Nuruosmaniye Mosque.

You cannot leave without acquiring any goldsmith or jewelry object. These two products are the most famous of the entire market, in addition to the most abundant.

3. The Cairo souk

Cairo Souk - Mohamed Mekhamer

Jan el-Jalili is the oldest souk in the city of Cairo, in Egypt. This market is worth seeing and there are some relevant points that must be visited.The most emblematic place is the Fishawi coffee. This establishment has been open continuously for 200 years.

Also, in Jan el-Jalili you can visit the Midaq alley, place where the novel is setThe alley of miracles, from Naguib Mahfuz. Starting at Al-Muizz Street, look for Sanadiqiyah Street and enter the first passage on the left, you will be in Midaq. This was the area where the film based on the novel was filmed.

4. The Dubai souk

Dubai Souk - Gimas /

This market is best known for being the souk of fabrics. Located on the shore of the Dubai Creek,In this place you will discover an inexhaustible selection of wild silks, embroidery and dream brocades.

To get there you can travel in one of the Dubai water taxis, from which to take a look at the historic neighborhoods that line the river. Endless rolls of fabric, bright sequins, buttons and lace, await you on your visit to this souk.

"Things are not worth as long as they last, but because of the traces they leave."

-Arab proverb-

Finally, remember that the souks are places of shopping and hustle, but also meeting. Because, After buying, you can relax with a delicious moruno tea. Also, Arabian sweets have no comparison, so don't forget to taste them.

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