8 towns of Albacete that you can not miss

Albacete is not one of the most populous provinces in Spain but, without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful. Of those, that when you meet them surprise you. We want you to join us on a tour of the most beautiful villages in Albacete. Are you ready for our trip?

The towns of Albacete more beautiful

We will visit villages of Albacete with a long history, located in the middle of wonderful landscapes or with unique and special corners. Each one, in its own way, is full of charm.

1. Ayna

Ayna - Pedro Oliva

They say it's the small Spanish Switzerland for the location and shape of their houses. The famous Yedra Castle is located in this town, a visit that you cannot miss. The Cueva del Niño hides cave paintings dating from the Paleolithic.

A small town but full of charm and places to see such as the Arab salt pans and the Picarzos balcony. Its charm is such that it was chosen as the setting for the well-known film Sunrise, which is no small thing. Are you going to miss it? We hope not!

2. Alcalá del Júcar

Alcalá del Júcar - Wenk Marcel

Located in a sickle of the Júcar River, its aerial image is at least picturesque. In fact, it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Iberian Peninsula. His castle of Almohad origin is undoubtedly his greatest pride. As is its Roman bridge, which in the fifteenth century was a customs office of the passage of the Camino Real from Castilla to Levante.

3. Almansa

Almansa Castle - seven_life

Just looking at his castle will transport you to another time. Although in reality this castle did not perform the functions as such, but was used as a fortress built in the fifteenth century by the Marquis de Villena. Its enclave is wonderful and the views of the place you will get from above will leave a beautiful image engraved on your retina.

This town basically lives from viticulture and shoemaking. Do not forget to buy some good shoes in the place. They are unique!

4. Hellín

Its original name was Ilunum due to Roman influence, and it became one of the most important villages of the Hispania era. You can find attractions for all tastes, because It has natural landscapes such as swamps and incredible canyons and outstanding celebrations, such as its Holy Week.

5. Chinchilla de Montearagón

Chinchilla de Montearagón - Iakov Filimonov

His castle is a claim to thousands of tourists every year. But part of its beauty is due to the place where the town is located, nestled on top of a mountain. Its old town has wonderful corners that have a lot of history to tell and discover.

As in all of Castilla, here you can also have a good wine, especially in the Bodega de los Aljibes, one of the best known in Castilla.

6. Tobarra

This town is already beautiful even before reaching it. Its characteristic colorful houses with red roofs leave an indelible image in the mind. Be sure to visit the Drum Museum, characteristic for preserving some of the oldest drums that have marked a very well preserved tradition in its Holy Week.

«People don't start trips, trips start people.»

-John Steinbeck-

7. Nerpio

Nerpio - Quate

This is one of the most beautiful villages in Albacete for its cultural and landscape heritage. It also has a castle that will take your breath away, the castle of Taibilla. The Vizcable Watchtower, a tower with a lot of history and the cave complex of Solana de las Covachas also deserve to be on the list of things to visit in this beautiful town.

You should not miss the Taibilla reservoir, the Molino de las Fuentes and the Mingarnao bird observatory. They will put the finishing touch to your visit in this, one of the most beautiful villages in Albacete.

8. Letur

Letur is a town that seems taken from a postcard, in the Sierra de Segura and with a historic center like the one you will not see anywhere else. Although there are also many natural places to see such as the puddle of the Canals, a natural pool with crystalline water in which to take a dip, yes, in summer.

As you see, Albacete has a lot to offer. If you had never considered the area as a holiday destination, we urge you to change your mind. You will enjoy it very much!

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