6 essential things to see in Vitoria

Of the three capitals of the Basque Country, the city of Vitoria may be the least known. That for you, that you are going to visit it is a great advantage, since We are sure that you will be surprised by how much you have to see in Vitoria.

Essential places what to see in Vitoria

Vitoria surprises, for starters because it is a really monumental city that is discovered mainly on foot, given its small size and pedestrianization of the center. And to recover from these walks, it is best to try and enjoy the excellent local cuisine. You follow us?

1. The old town of Vitoria

Wall of Vitoria-Gasteiz - Alberto Loyo

Almost everything there is to see in Vitoria is in its old town. A nucleus that is considered, neither more nor less, than the best preserved of the entire Basque autonomous community.

And if contemplating this historical set is very interesting, it is still more interesting because It is a most pleasant experience, being done through streets that are mostly only for pedestrians. Something that fits the spirit of the entire city, since it has been committed for years to sustainable development from an ecological point of view.

2. The square of the White Virgin

White Virgin Square - Graeme Churchard / Flickr.com

One of the places to see in Vitoria is its Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, which the Vitorians call the Old Square. It is a corner of the most attractive for its vitality and the elements that compose it. Among them, highlights the church of San Miguel, one of the most beloved in the city, by keeping inside the image of the White Virgin, patron saint of Vitoria.

Y in the center of the Old Square stands another monument, in this case commemorative. It is a group that recalls the battle of Vitoria in 1813, with which the War of Independence was practically put to an end, an event meant victory over Napoleon's French army.

3. Vitoria Cathedral

Santa Maria Cathedral - juantiagues / Flickr.com

The Cathedral of Santa María de Vitoria is the great temple of this Basque capital. We are talking about a construction whose origins date back to the 13th century, in times when Gothic art forms predominated.

But in addition, they were convulsive years of continuous confrontations. For that reason no wonder its curious aspect of medieval fortress, which helps its location on top, dominating much of the urban area.

4. The New Square

New Square - Dariusz Sieczkowski / Flickr.com

Above we have talked about the Old Square, because now it's time to mention the New. To get there it is best to do it by walking down Dato street, one of the busiest in the city. Why? Because there are plenty of bars, taverns and restaurants where you can eat and, above all, take one of the specialties of Basque cuisine: its pintxos.

As we say, along Eduardo Dato Street there are numerous opportunities to taste pintxos, but that does leave a little hole in the stomach, because that gastronomic festival continues in the Plaza Nueva.

And a tip, try the pintxos, both the simplest and the most elaborate, accompanied by a glass of wine, either from txakoli, Basque white wine par excellence, or with a red wine with the Denomination of Origin of La Rioja Alavesa, made in the south of the province.

5. The Vitoria Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts - Pedro J Pacheco / commons.wikimedia.org

There are several museums to visit in Vitoria, however we will individualize this for two reasons. First, because Inside it stores an excellent collection of paintings from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. And secondly, because the building itself is very interesting to visit, since it occupies what was the Augustin-Zulueta Palace.

«The quality of a painter depends on the amount of past he carries with him.»

-Pablo Picasso-

6. The Artium

The Artium is at the same time a museum of contemporary art and a congress center. In short, it is one of the things to see in Vitoria. Yes or yes.

There an interesting architecture and works of great Spanish artists awaits us of recent times, from Picasso and Dalí to Miquel Barceló, passing through the most famous Basque sculptors such as Jorge Oteiza or Eduardo Chillida.

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