We walk the Ramblas of Barcelona, ​​a wonderful walk

Las Ramblas constitute one of the most famous, beautiful and interesting spaces in Barcelona. Thus, this shopping street, full of street shows, has become one of its most visited points. We will know a little better what are the different Ramblas. We will also check what differentiates them and what can be seen in them.

The Ramblas of Santa Monica and the Capuchins

Columbus Monument - TTstudio

Las Ramblas form a huge and long but pleasant walk. They link the old port of Barcelona with the central part of the city. You can start walking them up, from the beach. That is, from the Santa Monica area.

Columbus will welcome you from his viewpoint. There you can start the day having breakfast in any of the many restaurants and bars you will find. Then you must direct your steps towards the Rambla del Centro, although its real name is Capuchin.

This is an area of ​​great beauty that will not leave you indifferent. Here you will find wonderful buildings such as the Gran Teatro Liceu or the Hotel Oriente. And, if you want to rest, you can do it in one of the terraces or in the huge and monumental Plaza Real, a neoclassical style space with a beautiful fountain in the center.

«Barcelona is a strange city, because the uglier the weather, the more beautiful the city. And the ugliest of buildings is the most coherent in the city. »

-Rem Koolhaas-

The Rambla de las Flores

La Boqueria Market - manuelfloresv / Flickr.com

This area of ​​Las Ramblas is one of the most popular and most traveled. If we visit Barcelona in summer we will check that the avenue is full of people at its height. The groves that run through it are beautiful and surround unique stalls. Look where we look, our eyes will run into a tree or plant.

It is here that the well-known Boqueria market is located. This establishment opened its doors back in 1840 and over time it has been transformed into a gastronomic cultural space. And it is that you will find lots of stalls with meals from all corners of the planet. It deserves the visit.

In this ravine there is also the palace of the Virreina, of baroque style. And you may be surprised to see in one of the corners of the walk the figure of a dragon that holds a lantern and an umbrella. The reason is that here there was a cane and umbrella shop whose owner had traveled to the East and was fascinated.

The Rambla de los Estudios

Royal Academy of Arts - Kiev.Victor / Shutterstock.com

The locals refer to it as the Rambla de los Pájaros. But his real name is Rambla de los Estudios. The generic term comes from yesteryear, when a bird market was installed there. It is curious, because its real name comes from an institution that was also in this place: the University, also called General Survey.

You can approach to contemplate the facade of the former Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts. This activity ceased and the building has been occupied by the Poliorama Theater since 1982. A space that had previously been converted into cinema.

Y, If you pay attention, you can see the so-called electric clock in the city. He has been there since 1891. His activity is very important for all the inhabitants of the community, since he is in charge of marking the official time.

La Rambla de Canaletas

Las Ramblas - Francesc González / Flickr.com

This area of ​​the promenade will take you directly with the Plaza de Cataluña. You will know that you have reached this part when you arrive at Tallers Street.

Las Ramblas were once just an aquifer. This one carried with force the water from the sea to the old city wall. The wall was pulled down during the 19th century, in an attempt to redevelop this area. And what if they succeeded.

The Rambla has nothing to do with anything at that time. The tall towers that protected the wall were called gutters. Hence the name that has this part of the Ramblas.

If you approach its center you will see that there is a source of drinking water. The popular saying ensures that everyone who drinks from it will return to Barcelona again. A beautiful legend.

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