Travel back in time on these 8 islands of Europe

There are many islands in Europe that are worth knowing because they have something special. It is very difficult to make a selection, but in this case we propose those in which, for different reasons, you will feel at some past time. Travel back in time in these beautiful places bordered by the sea.

Islands of europe to travel in time

Whether for its past or for its history, for its almost virgin landscapes or for its traditional villages, These islands of Europe are ideal for those who escape the hustle and bustle:

1. Crete (Greece)

Knossos Palace, Crete - alexandros petrakis

If you are looking for history ... Here you will find it! It is the largest Greek island (8,000 km²) and is full of myths, traditions and legends. In it you will find wonderful remains of the Minoan civilization, such as the palace of Knossos, Gortina or Festos.

But also,its natural beauty and varied landscapes are not far behind: caves that flow into the sea, deep gorges or majestic mountains.

2. Madeira (Portugal)

Madeira - symbiot

Geographically it is not in Europe, although administratively it depends on Portugal. You can choose any of the islands of this archipelago to go back in time. Here, among other things, you can enjoy fantastic volcanic landscapes.

And, of course, you will find different routes to reach secret sites, such as the town of Santana, with traditional triangular houses and thatched roofs. As well you can visit Curral das Freiras, a small isolated village between the mountains.

3. Corsica (France)

Cut - Irina Kuzmina

When we think of this island, stories of corsairs, pirates and sailors automatically come to mind. An island that has belonged to the Roman Empire, to the Crown of Aragon, the Republic of Genoa and finally to France.

Known as “the mountain in the middle of the sea”, it is full of forests, lakes, beaches. In its territory there are 5 nature reserves and 1 marine park. Corsica is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

4. Jersey (United Kingdom)

Mont Orgueil, Jersey - Dan Marsh /

This island is located in the middle of the English Channel, west of the Norman coast and has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Later It was dominated by the Romans, the Vikings and the Normans.

If you don't want to go to its capital, St. Helier, You can walk a little towards the port of St. Peter with its beautiful alleys. The castles Elizabeth and Mont Orgueil are two safety pins in Jersey.

5. Hvar (Croatia)

Hvar - Mario Fajt /

It is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea and although more and more tourists visit it, it is still keeps virgin forests and white sand beaches very quiet.

In Hvar you can admire beautiful Gothic and Renaissance examples. Do not miss the Cathedral of San Esteban del S. XVI, with a beautiful Renaissance facade. The Franciscan convent, the Old Theater and the Spanish Fortress are other treasures of the city.

6. Capri (Italy)

Capri, Italy - leoks

We focus on the old town of this island near Naples that It had its maximum splendor in the 50s. There we find a typical square and beautiful little streets to get lost in them.

Further,in Capri we will find traces of the Roman emperors' passage (Some chose this island to go on vacation). Do not miss the Villa Jovis (last residence of Emperor Tiberius), as well as the remains of buildings from the time of Julius Caesar and Augustus.

7. Feroe (Denmark)

Faroe Islands - El Glon /

Actually It is an archipelago formed by 18 islands that seem taken from a story. Although Faroe is located between Scotland and Iceland, it belongs to Denmark.

The main attraction here is nature: green mountains with sheep grazing, thousands of seabirds (like puffin) and hiking trails in a must-see and unspoiled environment.

"Once a year, go somewhere you haven't been before."

-Dalai Lama-

8. Ibiza (Spain)

Ibiza - nito

Ibiza is known for its wonderful beaches and great atmosphere. But it is an island that has many attractions. Su Dalt Vila, the old town of the capital, is a World Heritage Site.A place that takes us directly to the Middle Ages.

Also World Heritage are the necropolis of Puig des Molins and the site of Sa Caleta. Both are very interesting remains of the Phoenician civilization, which dominated the island.

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