We go through the most beautiful places of the Italian Dolomites

Some say that the Dolomites are the most spectacular in Europe, and even in the world. Such a statement does not go far from reality. These cliffs make up an authentic paradise in the eastern Alps area. In fact, they are included in the list of conservation spaces prepared by Unesco. Today we travel through the 3 regions that make it up and that make it a magical enclave.

An approach to Dolomites

The French geologist Dieudonné Dolomieu is the authority to whom these mountains owe their name. In his travels this man discovered the properties of the rock that makes up the region. It turned out that these immense limestone walls were largely composed of a curious mineral called dolomite.

Montes Dolomitas - By Creative Travel Projects

But the Dolomites are also known as Pink Mountains. This is because at dawn its natural white tone transforms into a beautiful pinkish panorama. This phenomenon is known as enrosadira and the explanation is simple. Millions of years ago these massifs were nothing more than a pile of carcasses and other underwater garbage. Over time they rose above sea level until they reached the height they have today.

"Long before man thought of conquering the mountains, the mountains had conquered man."

- Daniel Joseph Boorstin -

3 regions full of charm

1. Trentino Alto Adige, beautiful border area

The spectacular mountains of the Trentino Alto Adige region run along the northern border of Italy. These delineate the division of the nation with its neighboring Austria. In winter its peaks are completely covered with snow. Therefore, it is a habitual destination for skiers, both expert and amateur. Although this enclave hides much more, from prehistoric remains to heart attack valleys.

Trento - VVO

Y These mountains are home to a city that no tourist should miss, Trento. The cradle of the famous Council is not only the origin of great historical curiosity. Among its buildings it houses great works of art of Renaissance style.

From Trento you should not miss the architecture of Buonarroti Castle. Authentic pictorial treasures created by the best artists of his time are enclosed under his roof. To this is added the Tower of the Eagle, a large Gothic construction.

2. The Veneto, home of the most beautiful city in the world

It is the outer part of the Dolomites, which extends through the northeast area to the Adriatic Sea. The Veneto is a tourism classic that receives millions of visitors every year. The reason is obvious, Here is one of the most beautiful and striking cities in the world, Venice.World Heritage, it is one of the most unusual, elegant and sculptural villas on the planet.

Verona - Marco Saracco

And in the Veneto we find another beautiful city, Verona. This city reached its popularity by the hand of William Shakespeare and his work Romeo and Juliet, It develops here. Although the story is imaginary, there is a building dedicated to her, Juliet's House. It has a beautiful balcony and houses a museum inside. On its walls, between the bricks, anyone who wants can leave messages written on paper.

3. Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the prehistoric and the modern meet

Almost on the border of Italy with Austria and Slovenia, Fiuli Venecia Julia is located. In this area the Julian Dolomites delimit with the Eastern Dolomites.

Lago di Fusine - Pablo Debat

Despite being high mountain landscapes, it also has cities that are worth a visit. Further, there was the ancient city of Aquilea. It is a classic city of great importance during the existence of the Roman Empire.

The excavations are in an immense archaeological zone in the province of Udine. With the fall of Latin authority it was raised as the cradle of Christianity. The part that attracts the most attention is the Patriarchal Basilica, whose survey dates back to the year 1000. Its interior has ancient mosaics from the fourth century.

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