Alkmaar, the cheese city in Holland

Whenever you talk about sightseeing in Alkmaar, your traditional cheese market is mentioned. Logically here we are also going to do it, since it is a whole spectacle and an important Dutch cultural manifestation. But we will also talk about other reasons to visit this city of Holland. Keep reading and you will discover them.

The cheese market of Alkmaar

As we have indicated, the most characteristic and striking feature of Alkmaar is its cheese market. But why? Everything takes place in the square that dominates the Waag building or public balance, which originated in the Middle Ages. In that outdoor location It is held every Friday between April and October This event that anyone can attend.

Cheese Market - Berit Kessler

In the square are exposed many cheeses of the varieties gouda and edam. Each of them is weighed and the assistants bid for them. In fact, only professionals in the field can buy, not tourists, since that auction contains a series of gestures and rituals the sea of ​​picturesque and must be scrupulously fulfilled.

In exchange for not being able to buy, a kind of traditional show is contemplated, whose forms have evolved very little throughout history. And also, in the nearby stores, of course you can buy those same cheeses, obviously at other prices.

"There is no love more sincere than we feel towards food."

- George Bernard Shaw -

The balance or Waag

Alkmaar - JeniFoto

The Waag we have already said that it is the backdrop of that Alkmaar market. But it also plays a role, since in his tower is the clock that marks the beginning of bids. It is a clock that can even be visited inside, to admire its mechanism and the figurines that mark the passage of time.

And besides that, in the Waag or the Chamber of Weight, as you can imagine there is a museum. Of what? Well, obviously it is a cheese museum.

The historic center

Alkmaar - please also take a look at my favs 😉 /

Whether you visit Alkmaar on Friday or any other day of the week, you don't have to stay only for the duration of the cheese market, between an hour and a half and two hours approximately. You have to take the opportunity to stroll through its beautiful historic center.

An urban complex in which, as usual in many places in the Netherlands with its capital Amsterdam at the head, streets and canals alternate. Y in that environment a rich architectural heritage is treasured originated between the 16th and 17th centuries, or what is the same, in the flourishing period of the Dutch Baroque.

The church of San Lorenzo

Alkmaar - Tanya Ustenko

From that same time it is the most attractive temple in Alkmaar: the Protestant church of San Lorenzo. A building built in the 16th century and whose interior houses one of the oldest organs in the whole country. If you want to visit it you will have to go to Kassandra's square and look for the name of Grotekerk is the local signage.

Other museums of Alkmaar

We have already mentioned that there is a Cheese Museum in Alkmaar, but it is not the only one in the city. There are others such as History, near the church of San Lorenzo. Even though Depending on your interests, it may seem more advisable to the National Beer Museum.

And as a big surprise, in Alkmaar you can visit a curious Beatles museum. Why in Alkmaar? It is very simple. This is a private museum where the collection of two Liverpool group fans meets, who decided to install this museum here, in the same city where John Lennon's first guitar was made.

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