The spectacular birth of the Mundo River in Albacete

Today we are going to show you a place that will change the idea that Albacete is a dry plain. We will take you at the source of the Mundo River, a natural site that offers dense forests and makes its way through spectacular waterfalls, Commonly described as the most beautiful in Spain. Join us to tour the birth of the Mundo river, a surprising place in Albacete.

Caves and waterfalls at the source of the Mundo River

The Mundo River is the main tributary of the Segura. Born in the Calares del Mundo and Sima National Park, in the Sierra de Alcaraz, and crosses the province of Albacete over more than 100 kilometers.

The birth of the Mundo River is the last thing you would expect to find in a flat province like Albacete. But the river defies all logic and is born at 1520 meters of altitude, in the cave of Los Chorros.

Birth of the Mundo River - Antonio Marín Segovia /

This cave, the fourth largest in Spain, is on top of an impressive rock wall. Water jets emanate from a depth of more than 32 kilometers, precipitating by a cliff of more than 150 meters high and constituting a formidable waterfall.

The blowout

If you think that when you look at the waterfall you've seen everything, you're wrong. This place manages to surprise us and one of its forms is with Reventón, a natural phenomenon that can be observed with the arrival of summer and that makes the waterfall one of the most spectacular in Spain.

Rio Mundo - Pablo Mendez Rodriguez

The Reventón consists in the fact that the rainwater and the snow stored during the winter in the more than 50 kilometers of the cave, is expelled with the arrival of the heat and the pressure of the summer. This increases the flow causing a large cascade blowout.

There is data that, in the last aquifer explosion, the waterfall recorded a drop of 80,000 liters / second, while normal are 50 liters / second. This data gives an idea of ​​this natural spectacle.

After this great Reventon of water that lasts a whole day with great force and noise, Calm returns in the so-called "Calderetas", pools of crystalline waters where the water calms down.

"The earth has music for those who listen."

- George Santayana -

The World River viewpoint

The birth of the Mundo River can be seen from the Calderetas. However, there is a viewpoint that can be visited with the help of a guide. The road to the viewpoint is an excellent opportunity to observe the great wealth of flora and fauna from the area

Birth of the Mundo River - toño51 /

The viewpoints are just 2 kilometers away. There, the views of the waterfalls are really impressive. If you are lucky and your visit coincides with the Reventón, be sure to bring a raincoat, because the force of the water will end up soaking you up.

Also, with the help of the guide and with a previously requested permission, you can take the opportunity to visit the access to the Los Chorros cave, where you can admire very closely, the place where the Mundo River is born. The cave is only four kilometers round trip, but it is a difficult route. Therefore, it is mandatory to have the assistance of a specialized guide.

Much more than the birth of the World River

Lovely villages

Ayna - Aitivamon NATURE /

The natural site that houses the birth of the Mundo River covers 19,190 hectares. In this space there are charming villages nestled in idyllic places, such as Villaverde de Guadalimar, Riópar and Cotillas.

Likewise, In the Sierra del Segura, we find several municipalities such as Liétor; Ayna, the “Manchego Switzerland”; Férez, Molinicos or Nerpio with its rock art World Heritage Site.

Flora and fauna

The park has a great diversity of flora and fauna. Further, there is an excellent level of preservation of their means and habitats. In fact, its ecosystem is one of the most important in Castilla-La Mancha.

Birth of the Mundo River - Antonio Marín Segovia /

Yews and pines face ash, holm oak, willow and elm trees. One of the most abundant species are the dolinas, being one of the places with more number in Spain.

Equally, You can also see species of animals such as mountain goats, deer, raptors such as the golden eagle or wild boar. These species inhabit the rugged grounds of the park.

You know, if you plan to visit Albacete, do not miss the opportunity to enter the Calares del Mundo and Simas National Park and contemplate the birth of the Mundo River. A natural spectacle that really is worth seeing.

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