We discover Cetona, a beautiful town in Tuscany

The world is full of idyllic and wonderful places. Among all the countries that make up this planet, we find in Italy various regions that stand out for their natural beauty and history. One of these is Tuscany. Up there we left to know Cetona, a tremendously beautiful and attractive small town.

Ketone, a jewel of Tuscany

Tuscany has many places and beautiful landscapes. Not surprisingly, it has a huge heritage recognized by Unesco. But beyond that, we find populations like Cetona, which are well worth a long visit.

In this case we talk about a population that barely reaches 3000 inhabitants. Belonging to the Italian province of Siena, Cetona is a unique and beautiful place that resembles more a Renaissance landscape than a modern city.

Ketone - AMB

And is that Ketone emerges on top of a hill between landscapes of olive trees and small plowed fields. Along with it, the cypress is another very common tree in the area. And above all, the imposing medieval fortress of the 10th century that dominates the whole place with its incredible presence.

When you approach Cetona, you see how little by little you immerse yourself in a journey through time. Because this town seems rather anchored in its era of greatest splendor, in the middle of the Middle Ages, and still retains much of its historical heritage.

Walking through Ketone

This town gets its name from its location. At the top of Mount Cetona, the natural slopes of the place are of great scenic beauty. In fact, it could be considered as a classic medieval enclave, on top of a hill and protected by a fortress from which to see the enemies arrive and defend against them.

Because when you access the Cetona citadel, the immersion in time is total. The town is composed of a large number of narrow streets that line the hill towards its nerve center, the fortress. In addition, they are still paved, as they were originally built.

Ketone - gkuna

However, you have to be cautious, because even being a small town, it's easy to get lost if the place is unknown. There are shortcuts everywhere and planning was not the medieval fort in Cetona. However, they tend to spiral towards the center and heart of the population, the fortress that presides over it.

Although very old settlements have been discovered in Cetona, the Paleolithic and the Bronze Age by the struscans, It is medieval art that gives it fame and presence. That without forgetting its privileged natural enclave, which achieves a wonderful set.

What to see in Cetona

And now we are going to approach certain places in Cetona that it is better not to get lost. Although the whole town is very pretty, some of its corners are especially recommended for the art lover visitor and medieval and renaissance architecture.

Cetona Square - acb / Flickr.com

For example, we can visit Piazza Garibaldi, built in the 16th century by order of Gian Luigi Vitelli. This former ruler was fully trusted by the Medicis, the family that transformed Tuscany into the wonder we can enjoy today.

"What I've dreamed in an hour is worth more than what you've done in four."

-Lorenzo de Médici

And precisely speaking of this man, the Vitelli Palace is another beautiful place in town. It is located in the same Piazza Garibaldi, along with the SS Annunziata church and the parish of S. Michelle, dated in the twelfth century, but remodeled 500 years later.

Holy Trinity Church - LigaDue / commons.wikimedia.org

It is also worth knowing in Cetona the Palace of Justice. But he is not the only one who stands out in the town. Especially striking are also the Sgarroni Palace and the Minutelli Palace, which today acts as the seat of the City Council and keeps inside the Civic Museum.

Other spectacular places of the town are the Collegiata, in the center of a small square. Y let us not forget the church of SS Trinidad, dated in the middle ages. It is from the 12th and 13th centuries and houses frescoes from the Pinturicchio school.

On the outskirts of Cetona

Ketone - gkuna

Below the center of town, We found the Terrosi Salustio neighborhood, which gave great life to the area during the 18th century. Today it houses a beautiful villa and a huge park that give the place a special charm.

And that's it further away from the center, we find the monastery of San Francisco, built at the beginning of the 13th century. Nearby, we find Belvedere, a prehistoric facility that holds the Civic Museum of Mount Cetona. It has a good collection of Paleolithic and Bronze Age precedents and copies with 40,000 years old.

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