The fantastic geysers of Tatio in Chile

The planet Earth enjoys a geography that never ceases to surprise the good traveler. Fruit of it we invite you today to meet the fantastic geysers of the Tatio in Chile, a place that might well have come from another world, but that we are lucky to be able to enjoy here, within the borders of the Andean country.

What is the Tatio?

El Tatio is an incredible geyser camp that receives its name from the native language Kunza. "Tata-iu" really means "the grandfather who cries." This amazing place is located at 4,200 meters of altitude in the Andes mountain range, in the heart of Chile.

Tatio geysers - Alexander Yu. Zotov

In total, there are about 80 geysers, which make Tatio the third largest field in the world of its kind. Today it is only surpassed by Yellowstone in the United States and Kronotsky in Russia, although in the southern hemisphere of the planet it is not surpassed by any other similar formation.

How are the geysers of Tatio in Chile

The Tatio geyser field contains as we have said about 80 of these spectacular phenomena, which It represents 8% of the total that are located on the entire planet Earth.

One of the singularities of Tatio's geyser is that it is not very high compared to others. On average, its virulently emanated waters do not reach a meter high. Of course, the eruptions send the liquid element at a temperature of 86ºC, its boiling point at the altitude in which they are found.

Tatio geysers - Anton_Ivanov

Within the volcanic rocks of the area is the water reservoir that is covered by different impermeable layers. The faults that have occurred in the area are those that allow the phenomenon of the eruption. However, Although it is not known exactly what the heat source is, it is believed that it may be caused by an igneous intrusion or magma.

Things to do in Tatio

The area where the Tatio geysers are located has a lot to see and very interesting. Not in vain is ZOIT, National Tourist Interest Zone in the Andean country and receives more than 100,000 visitors every year.

Total, The area of ​​tourist interest extends throughout the geothermal basin to the Atacama Desert, known worldwide, so the traveler usually visits both the Tatio geysers and the extension itself to San Pedro.

Tatio Geysers - Sara Winter

For the visit to be complete, works have been carried out in the geothermal park so that visitors can bathe in a wonderful natural hot spring pool It includes well-sanitized places and areas to change with all kinds of services.

"Someday anywhere, anywhere you will inevitably find yourself, and that, only that, can be the happiest or the most bitter of your hours."

-Pablo Neruda-

Flora and fauna in Tatio

In addition to the Tatio geysers, The area where the geothermal park is located has a wide flora and fauna for all nature lovers. In a place that stands out for the aridity of the desert and the altitude, there are many species that open the way to life.

El Tatio - Anton_Ivanov

Many isolated bushes typical of this desert passage are classic among its corners. Proof of this is the cespitose grass, the bitter coirón, the kune, the Chuchampe Maihueniopsis Conoidea or the Oreganillo Arcanthilippia trifida, among other unique species.

Wildlife has also made its way through the extreme temperatures of the unique Atacama Desert, at an enormous altitude and with very hard living conditions, but that are not an obstacle to the appearance of life.

Here live species like vizcacha, a small rodent that resembles rabbits; the vicunas, similar to the famous llamas; or even the culpeo fox, the only carnivore in the area that has its main source of food in rodents, small reptiles and birds.

Tatio geysers - robert cicchetti

And precisely birds are not missing in this area of ​​Chile. In total there are more than 35 species found in the humid part of Tocorpuri and Putana, where flamingos, guallata, juarjual duck or Baird's beach stand out.

As well we find different types of amphibians and reptiles, as in the case of Barbara's lizard, the Andean or the spiny toad, which usually lives very close to the streams in the area.

So you already know, Tatio geysers in Chile are one of the most extreme and incredible areas of the Earth. If you still do not know this unique desert extension, it is time to start your adventure.

Video: El Tatio Geysers, Northern Chile in HD (November 2019).