Sos del Rey Católico, a town with a lot of history

Sos del Rey Católico is one of the most attractive towns in the entire province of Zaragoza, and of course it is one of those that has a name with greater sonority and easier to remember, since its reference includes the reference to its most illustrious son, the monarch Fernando el Católico.

The location of Sos of the Catholic King

The historical past of the population is one of those responsible for its current appearance, but two other factors must also be taken into account. On the one hand, we must highlight the efforts of its inhabitants to keep it in a magnificent state of conservation, so much that since 1968 it has been declared a National Historic-Artistic Ensemble. And on the other hand, you have to assess its location.

Sos del Rey Católico - asife

Where is Sos del Rey Católico? In the northernmost area of ​​the province of Zaragoza, at the end of the Cinco Villas region. A broken terrain, practically bordering the Pyrenean foothills, so that that steep ground is what determines that its historic center conforms to narrow, zigzagging streets and in constant ups and downs that gives that undeniable medieval air.

The different doors of Sos

Today, not all doors are preserved as they were, but during a visit to Sos del Rey Católico you can see some of them and discover thanks to the signage where the rest were. One that you will pass through, without a doubt, is the Puerta de Zaragoza, which leads to the main street of the town with the name of Fernando the Catholic. How not!

Sos del Rey Católico - Photos Time

But through other secondary streets we can go to the sites of the other portals such as Uncastillo, Jaca, Nador, Mundo, Bueno, and of course the one the most beautiful door today: the Portal of the Queen, dedicated to Juana, the mother of the king.

Popular and monumental architecture in Sos

Looking at the map, it is surprising that one of the most important kings in the history of Spain was born in such a remote place. But upon arrival you can capture how this site still keeps that aura of greatness with a really spectacular stone architecture, which perfectly combines history, the most popular forms and also the elements that give it monumentality.

Sos del Rey Católico - Photos Time

So that, a walk through the streets of Sos del Rey Católico offers the opportunity to see houses that keep beautiful wooden eaves, as well as dovelas covers, fine gothic windows and also a varied collection of heraldic shields.

Highlights of the visit

Main Square

The Plaza Mayor de Sos was, and continues to be, the most vital center of the population. Here its old medieval market is still preserved open with arches that combine both the half-point and ogive shapes.

City Hall of Sos del Rey Catolico - Luis Irisarri /

Further, in the Plaza Mayor is the imposing Town Hall, erected in 16th century Renaissance architecture. And very close is the Isidoro Gil de Jaz School, already from the 18th century. In short, the most monumental area of ​​the place, and where cultural events are held such as music festivals that enjoy a unique environment.

Church of San Esteban de Sos

In Sos del Rey Católico there are several churches, but among them the one of San Esteban, a Romanesque complex that includes both the temple and a crypt and the cloister. The most valuable can be considered its cover carved in the twelfth century and the Gothic mural paintings that are preserved inside, where there is also an ancient baptismal font of the eighth century.

Church of San Esteban - Jean Paulo de Souza Henrique /

This church is practically together to the castle, which was the true origin of the population, since we must not forget that we are in a border territory between Aragon and Navarre. There is almost nothing left of the original, although the Tribute Tower has been restored with great pleasure.

Sada's Palace

This visit can start or end in this building. The place where Fernando II de Aragón was born on March 10, 1452, that is, the Catholic.

"The nation is quite fit for weapons, but untidy, so that only the one who knows how to keep it together and in order can do with it."

-Fernando the Catholic-

In his memory, his birthplace is today an interpretation center about his incredible life, which does not cease to surprise everyone who knows her, both for her way of acting and for the immense power she acquired in places as far away from Sos as Sicily or Athens can be.