We discover Siena, a wonderful medieval city

Siena is one of the most popular, beautiful and renowned cities of Tuscany, in Italy. This small villa has a special charm characterized by its medieval buildings, its cobbled streets, its ostentatious palaces and lavish fountains. To all these attractions we must add his university and a warm climate of the most pleasant.

Siena indispensable

Siena has a lot to see and enjoy, but we will only stop in a few places.

1. The Palazzo Piccolomini, the beauty of the Italian palaces

Arguably, Palazzo Piccolomini is a perfect example of a classic Italian building. It is located in the center of the city and attracts attention, since it is the only representative of these gigantic mansions that belongs to the Renaissance style instead of having been built following the Gothic model.

Palazzo Picolomini - Pierreci / en.wikipedia.org

It was designed by the brilliant architect Albertini in the 15th century. The lineage of papal bankers of the Piccolomini, one of the richest families in the country to date, demanded an exclusive building that suits their needs and tastes. However, the mansion became part of the cultural heritage of the town hall in the 19th century.

The exterior structure of its facades attracts attention for its perfect symmetry and for its brown color. All this gives a serious and formal aspect.

2. Chigi-Saracini and the Palazzo Pubblico, two mansions worthy of admiration

Built in the twelfth century, the urban palace of Chigi-Saracini is located in the heart of Siena. Tourists are very attracted to this property due to the curvature of its cover. The gothic aspect that looks today is due to the reconstruction work that suffered centuries ago.

Piazza del Campo - S. Borisov

For its part, the Palazzo Pubblico is located in the Piazza del Campo. The specialists assure that it is about one of the most significant gothic personality buildings, notable and valuable of the planet.

Under your roof currently houses the Civic Museum, a small gallery in which the importance of local tradition in the history of both Italy and Europe is exposed. He manages to convey his message through pictorial works by highly recognized artists, who wanted to capture in their paintings the love and admiration they felt for this population.

We must not stop climbing the tower of Mangia, the incredible bell tower of the Public Palace, which is no less than 102 meters high. From its cusp you can see wonderful panoramic views of the city.

3. Its sources, authentic monuments

La Fonte Gaia is one of the most famous in this Tuscan region. It was created in the Quattrocento to replace an old fountain that occupied that space. A small marble wall protects the rectangular outdoor pool on three of its four sides.

Gaia fountain - lapas77

At the time it was possible to approach the edge of the water, but today it has a fence that prevents the passage of curious, tourists and possible vandals. This wall is profusely decorated with beautiful and detailed sculptures representing Adam and Eve, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.

Although our inexperienced eyes will be unable to notice it, it's not about the original images, but copies. Those were transferred in the 19th century to the City Hall Palace.

4. Siena Cathedral, a work of art

The cathedral of Siena, popularly known as Il Duomo di Siena, It is one of the most luxurious and impressive buildings of this urban center. Not for nothing is part of the list of the most important Christian basilicas in the country.

Siena Cathedral - Roberto Caucino

Its builders wanted to make it the most gigantic temple in the West once it was finished. However, bad luck caused his uprising to be affected by the black plague, which skewed the lives of a large part of the population and, therefore, also of foremen, workers and laborers who participated in its construction.

The linear decoration of its walls as well as its spectacular frontal rosette are accompanied by beautiful golden relaces and a beautiful archway supported by iron stone columns.Inside you can find endless wonderful works of artists such as Bernini, Donatello,Pisano or Michelangelo.

"The greatest danger to most of us is not that our goal is too high and that we do not reach it, but that it is too low and that we achieve it."

-Miguel Angel-

Any time is good to enjoy the beauty of Siena, but Once in July and once in August, the well-known "Palio Race" takes place in its square. In them riders from the neighborhoods of the city face in a horse race of medieval origin. The riders do not have a saddle and a curiosity: the horse that ends three laps to the square, with or without a rider, wins.

Contemplating this race is something unique, as it is to walk around Siena on those dates, since the city is decorated especially for the occasion.

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