7 cities with a «Parisian» atmosphere

The city of light ... the best place for lovers ... the perfect destination for an unforgettable honeymoon ... all these definitions are perfect to characterize Paris. But we don't always have the opportunity to visit the French capital (or not as many times as we would like). No problem! Although Paris is unique, there are other cities that offer a very Parisian atmosphere And we tell you what they are.

Cities that offer (almost) an environment Parisian

There is only one in Paris, but other cities seem to have copied something from it. Do you want to know what they are? Are here:

1. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The capital of Argentina was long considered the "Paris of South America" for its refinement, its constructions, customs and nightlife.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Evgeniya Uvarova

In the city of tango, roast and wine too we can enjoy stately and elegant buildings, like those found in the neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta. To fall in love with Buenos Aires!

2. Seville (Spain)

Plaza de España in Seville, Spain -leoks

What do Seville and Paris have in common? The art no, the architecture neither, the streets for nothing and the music less. So? The simple fact that it has all this and more. Of course, because Sevillians know like Parisians how to express passion and sensuality through its attractions, whether with flamenco, a good wine or a walk among orange trees through its charming streets.

3. Vienna (Austria)

If you have gone to Paris, you know that coffee is part of the life of any resident and visitor. Something similar happens in the Austrian capital, with its elegant cafés among baroque imperial palaces.

Bellvedere Palace, Vienna - canadastock

In addition to gastronomy, If there is something that Vienna can rival with the "city of light" it is in cultural heritage. A monumental city in which music is breathed in every corner and where you can enjoy the art enclosed in the fantastic Museum Quarter.

4. Québec (Canada)

Québec, Canada - meunierd

Beyond that the language in this city is French, it has much in common with Paris. This ancient city of North America with cobbled streets, gothic churches and 17th century houses and declared a World Heritage Site has nothing to envy its French "cousin".

Like little You will also find a good amount of bars and cafes They remember the Parisian atmosphere, but in the center of a city located thousands of kilometers from France.

5. Florence (Italy)

If we talk about artistic, cultural and architectural heritage, Paris is one of the most complete… like Florence, cradle of Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Dante.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence - muratart

The city, with its statues, palaces, churches and museums must be explored on foot. And many corners can be compared with those of the French capital Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset with the Vecchio bridge in the background?

6. Prague (Czech Republic)

As in Paris, in the Czech capital there is a bridge with an aristocratic name: that of Carlos. For centuries it was the only means of crossing the Vltava River, which crosses the city, just as the Seine does in Paris.

Charles Bridge, Prague - Boris Stroujko

If we analyze a map, the “circular” shape of Prague is similar to that of Paris and the city is divided into numbered districts. Do you still need more "similarities"? The churches of Tyn and St. Nicholas compete to see which one is the most visited, as is the case with Notre Dame and the Sacred Heart in Paris.

7. Amsterdam (Holland)

It has qualities very similar to those of Paris. Let's start with its cultural and artistic legacy. The galleries of the Dutch capital have collections almost as impressive as those of the Louvre. The Rijksmuseum has works by Rembrandt, the Van Gogh is dedicated to this well-known expressionist painter and the Stedelijk houses a collection of modern and contemporary works.

Canals of Amsterdam - S.Borisov

Once you finish visiting these beautiful places, we invite you to drink a coffee in a picturesque bar overlooking the river. Are we talking about Paris? Do not! From Amsterdam. The only difference is that the latter has dozens of channels ... and that Dutch is spoken. Y if you want a “red” neighborhood in the best Moulin Rougue style… in the capital of the Netherlands you will find it.

«The sky of Paris has its own secret, after twenty centuries it is in love with our island of Saint Louis.»

- Edith Piaf -

They do not have an Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees or some dark catacombs ... but in essence they are similar to Paris. Be sure to visit these cities with such a Parisian atmosphere!