Belfast deserves to be visited

Belfast, nestled in northern Ireland, is an amazing city. On the one hand it is flanked by Cave Hill, which has served as inspiration for countless writers in the United Kingdom; on the other side it preserves both the wonderful lake Lough and the river Lagan. Privileged situation for a city that hides many surprises.

Belfast and the Titanic

Belfast has been included in universal history because the famous and unfortunate transatlantic Titanic was built at its port, whose sinking has been narrated to satiety by television and cinema.

In fact, The city has a museum known as the Titanic Belfast, where the tourist can experience the sensation of being inside that enigmatic great ship.

Titanic Museum - VanderWolf Images /

What you can not miss in Belfast

Belfast Castle, a legendary symbol

This magnificent work of Scottish style was started and designed by Charles Lanyon. Later it was acquired by the Marquis de Donegal, who intended to finish it, although he could not finish it for economic reasons. Luckily, years later his son-in-law could conclude it.

Belfast Castle - Josemaria Toscano

The fortress is commonly called "cat castle". This is due to a legend according to which the inhabitants of the castle would only be lucky while there was a white cat in it. For this reason the building has multiple and varied representations of this animal, even in its gardens.

After a tour of its rooms and rooms, more than recommended, nothing better than ascending the nearby mountain from whose top you get spectacular views. During the climb we will enjoy the show offered by the local flora and fauna that adorn the road.

The Ulster Museum, a huge informative space

The Ulster Museum, which was launched in 1891, has the honor of holding the title of the largest Irish exhibition hall. It is located between the university area and the botanical gardens. We can take the opportunity to take a look at this garden area, which used to be totally private, and be surprised by the Casa de la Palma, a beautiful and unique curved greenhouse.

Palm House in Belfast - SurangaSL

Once inside the small art gallery we will find an immense amount of exhibits as well as pedagogical spaces of the most varied. Among them all that stand out are the remains of dinosaurs.

As well the remains of old ships that have been rescued from the deep sea are striking, objects such as clothing, weapons and gems. In addition to all this, the gallery has a sample related to the chronicle of the city itself and of those lands that surround it through the northern part.

"In Ireland, the inevitable never happens and the unexpected happens continuously."

-Sir John Pentland Mahaffy-

Equally,provides information about The Troubles, or put another way, the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Grand Opera House, artistic tradition

This building, located in the center of the metropolis, is the most important theater in the region. It was built in 1895 and has a great tourist interest. It has the capacity to house more than a thousand people under its roof.

Grand Opera House - James Kennedy NI /

Such functions have been attended by such legendary characters as General Montgomery, President Eisenhower and English General Alan Francis Brooke. Despite the enormous success of their representations,for more than 11 years it was used only as a space for cinematographic reproduction.

In the middle of World War II he was repeatedly bombarded and, in fact, there was talk of demolishing it to replace it with a modern building dedicated to the provincial administration. However, he always remained standing and even remodeled in 2006.

Excursions from Belfast

The Giant's Causeway

One cannot leave Belfast without approaching a space where Mother Nature seems to play with the terrain. On the Causeway of the giant podremI can see a cobbled set consisting of a large number of tall stone columns, about 40,000 pieces in total. The curious thing is not only this but, when viewed from above, they all seem to have hexagonal shapes.

Giant's Causeway - Aitormmfoto

Legend has it that they arose because of the struggle between two beings of titanic stature that ended up throwing rocks at each other, thus forming what can be observed today.

For its part, scientists say its existence has to do with old volcanic lava and its cooling processes. This wonder that locals refer to as Giant's Causeway is located on the road to Derry.

Walking on the rocks is allowed and is more, we should approach this mysterious space walking. The beautiful panoramic views will make the effort worthwhile.

On our way there we will discover Dunluce Castle, held on the cliffs of Dunluce. It is not very well preserved, but it will delight all those who are fans of Game of Thrones, because in its surroundings some scenes of the series were shot.

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