Sukhotai Historical Park in Thailand, an indispensable visit

Those who will spend some time in Thailand cannot leave this exotic nation without going through the spectacular ruins of Sukhotai. In a certain classical era, this point was one of the most important cities in this eastern kingdom ruled by King Ramkamhaeng, third monarch of the Phra Ruang dynasty, known throughout the nation for being the founder of the Thai alphabet.

The ruins of Sukhotai, a spectacular historical ensemble

These extraordinary remains have been declared World Heritage Sites. Along the route of the enclosure the tourist will be encountering a large number of temples belonging to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. All of them were created trying to achieve a curious balance between the beauty of nature and the knowledge of man.

Sukhotai Historical Park - Gil.K

The complex is completely walled and has approximately forty sanctuaries divided between its inner part, where there are about twenty, and the outer area surrounding its walls, which houses about fifteen.

In the nearby Ramkhamhaeng Museum we will find lots of pretentious pieces to the monarchy. There they have an interpretation center where we can find out everything related to the park. At that same point it is possible to rent bicycles for the itinerary or, if you prefer, even colorful tuk-tuks that will prevent us from getting tired of our legs.

The temples you can't miss

Wat mahathat

Inside the wall, right in the central area, is Wat Mahathat whose name could be translated as the Relic Temple. This building was built by King Rama I, founder of the Chakri dynasty, the same that continues to rule in Thailand today.

Wat Mahathat - Photomaxx

Inside we can contemplate a statue of Buddha Sitting on a base. The headdress of his head is striking. The position in which they find their hands usually goes unnoticed but it is of great importance since it symbolizes Varada Mudra, in other words, with its long fingers the image praises magnificence and altruism.

On both sides there are two stupas, a type of Buddhist construction with a traditional cut. They are usually considered as lighting spaces and it is said that their interior emanates rest, peace and tranquility. This oratory is perhaps the most popular of all those housed in Sukhotai.

Wat Si Sawai

Also within the walled enclosure the tourist will find another interesting chapel almost as original as the previous one. The only difference is that the latter It is surrounded by a beautiful garden area.

Wat Si Sawai - subin pumsom

We talked about Wat Si Sawai, which He was raised in honor of three gods of the Hindu religion: Brahma, the creator; Vishnu, the protector and Shiva, the renovator. All of them together, form the so-called Trimurti, that is, the representation of the basic qualities that reign in the world. In other words, goodness or Sattva, the Rajas that indicates passion and darkness, defined as Tamas.

Despite the strong Hindu culture of the country, the temple was transformed the place of buddhist meditation over the years. This gave him a stupa that was added later and that has given him a lot of originality. The latter joined the two smaller ones in a rounded shape that it already had previously.

«Advancing these three steps, you will get closer to the gods: First: speak truthfully. Second: don't let yourself be dominated by anger. Third: give, even if you have only a little to give.


Wat Sa Si

Near Wat Si Sawai and surrounded by a beautiful pond full of water lilies and a wooded area we will run into the Wat Sa Si, another of the characteristic monasteries of this mystical place.

Wat Sa Si - Casper1774 Studio

Access to it is only through a bridge. However, this will not be inconvenient for the traveler who will enjoy the beauty of the ride. Once crossed the catwalk, a large bell-shaped pagoda will be presented before our eyes In perfect state of conservation. The ashes of an ancient king are kept under its roof.

Before her, on a circular stone we will see the walking figure of Buddha. Despite being walking, if we look closely, we can see that his eyes are narrowed and almost closed. According to Buddhist tradition this indicates the intention to ignore everything that is superficial to give greater importance to the personal and the inner wealth of each one.

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