Aínsa in Huesca, a medieval jewel in the Pyrenees

The town of Aínsa is a beautiful Spanish village in the province of Huesca. To visit it is to live first hand its rich history through its cobbled streets, its monuments and its castle. If you are passionate about history, this should be one of your next destinations. Join us and discover with us this fascinating and beautiful town.

Aínsa, a town with a lot of history

Aínsa's history dates back to 724. Legend has it that the birth of Aínsa took place in the conquest of the square by the troops of King Garcí Ximénez. However, there are no serious historical foundations that evidence this legend.

Aínsa - Santi / Flickr.com

What is true is that the different cultures that inhabited this land made it one of the most diverse places in Spain. To visit it is to make a real trip in time: Romans, Muslims, Celts and Christians left their unique mark on this town, that is why knowing Aínsa is so special and interesting.

Aínsa Castle is one of the main tourist attractions. This spectacular and imposing fortress dates from the 11th century and was part of the line of defense of Christians. In the times of the Middle Ages the town was walled and the castle became the center of the whole town, the most important place.

Wall - Robcartorres

The church built near the square is also one of the most important buildings in the place. This is because it was conceived as a defense center for enemies.

"Explaining history is as much as discovering men's passions, their genius, their operating forces."

-Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel-

What to see in Aínsa?

1. Aínsa Castle

Castillo - txindoki / Flickr.com

This imposing 11th-century castle is, without a doubt, the main tourist attraction of this small town. Some of the most important aspects that stand out in this work are the large courtyard, a gate that faces the main square, the Tenente tower and a pentagonal plant that today functions as an Ecomuseum.

2. Parish Church of Santa María

Church of Santa María - Anibal Trejo

As we discussed earlier, This church was built as one of the local defense centers in the eleventh century, although the works ended a century later. It has beautiful towers and a single half-barrel vault. You can not miss this important building.

3. The Plaza Mayor

Main Square - Joseph Sohm

This beautiful and ancient square opens to the imposing castle of Aínsa. It is also chaired by the town hall building and the parish church can be found nearby. The square has all the beauty and charm of antiquity, we are sure you will love to meet her.

4. Arnal House

This beautiful house was built in the 16th century. The concept as such of the house extends to the family properties of other members of this important family.

5. House of Bielsa

The Casa de Bielsa is also another of the buildings that has more charm. Although it is not known with certainty when this building was built, it is believed that it could be erected between the 16th and 17th centuries.

6. The historic center of Aínsa

Historic center - A.S. Flor

The historic center of Aínsa is made up of two old, narrow and spectacular streets. Feel moved to another time while you walk these cobbled streets that leave the square and then join before reaching the walled enclosure.

7. Cross Cover

This emblematic cross is located 1.5 kilometers from the castle. It is a small circular temple that protects an altar and in it a ratchet crowned with a cross. This monument was erected in 1655 and since then it has become one of the most popular and visited points, both by tourists and locals.

Aínsa is one of those towns that are absolutely charming. Although its rich and diverse history is small, it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Spain. It also has spectacular mountains, green landscapes and blue skies that will make your visit unforgettable.

If you are looking for a quiet destination but full of history and natural beauty, Aínsa in Huesca should be on your list. We can guarantee you will fall in love with this charming and ancient town.