Timanfaya: an impressive tour between volcanoes

The Timanfaya National Park, in Lanzarote, is a volcanic landscape of impressive contrasts, where black and reddish tones predominate. Going through it provides an almost unreal feeling, as if you were in another world. Come with us, we will go through a magical place of strange beauty as it is Timanfaya.

The Timanfaya National Park, is located in the region of the Mountains of Fire, west of the island of Lanzarote, and It occupies an area composed of volcanic remains of approximately 200 km².

Crater in Timanfaya - Piotr Wawrzyniuk

This place has an impressive volcanic environment, an unforgettable place for its visitors for its originality and beauty. These desolate landscapes, however, host plant and animal species that have adapted to this environment.

The eruptions in Timanfaya

Between 1730 and 1736 there were spectacular eruptions that are part of the history of world volcanism, both for the amount of lava poured and for its duration.

“On September 1 (1730) between nine and ten at night the land suddenly opened near Timanfaya two leagues from Yaiza. On the first night a huge mountain rose from the bosom of the earth and from the apex flames escaped that continued to burn for 19 days. ”

-Andrés Lorenzo Curbelo, priest of Yaiza in 1730-

The eruption ceased on April 16, 1736, but at that time a third of the island was covered by lava and 12 villages had been razed.

The Last volcanic eruption dates back to 1824. Currently, that whole area is immersed in a deep and impressive silence.

What to know in Timanfaya National Park

In view of the importance of its conservation, you can only access some areas, However, there are many activities that can be enjoyed with the family.

Timanfaya - Cristovao

The children will feel the heat that emanates amid the rocks of the sleeping volcano. The most daring will climb on the back of a dromedary and visit multicolored volcanic landscapes. Y Those who like science can learn more at the interpretation center of Mancha Blanca.

Route of the Volcanoes and trails

The Timanfaya National Park has a route for visitors to learn about the beauty of the Mountains of Fire. Accessing the islet of Hilario, and after paying the corresponding fee, you get on the bus of the route, which leaves the islet itself.

Mountains of Fire - Fulcanelli

The guides explain the history of the park walking through the most emblematic sites, like cones and almost unchanged volcanic tubes, capricious lava flows that begin to be colonized by lichens and fields of reddish pyroclasts. It is a walk of about 40 minutes of travel through a lunar landscape.

For those who prefer to do trekking,he You can make the route of the Coast and Termesana, with their corresponding short versions, all of them free. This gives the opportunity to walk through this almost unchanged landscape since its creation.

Islet of Hilario

Geyser - cristovao

It is the tourist heart of Timanfaya National Park, this promontory It is an important point of heat emission of the sleeping volcanoes of the island of Lanzarote, reaching in some parts a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Park staff demonstrates this geothermal anomaly through artificial geysers and natural furnaces.

Camel Tour

In addition to the alternatives of touring Timanfaya National Park on foot or by bus, there is the possibility of traveling on the back of a camel. Nothing more exotic than knowing the spectacular mountain of Timanfaya in a caravan of dromedaries Loaded with two tourists in 20-minute tours. To learn more about the dromedaries and the excursion, it is recommended to visit the small museum in the Echadero.

El Diablo Restaurant

El Diablo restaurant, located on the islet of Hilario,It is built around a heat-fed grill-oven that emits a sleeping volcano. The oven is an open pit in the rock on which meat, fish and other products of the island are roasted.

Volcanic cones - aIn Green

Another great attraction of the restaurant is its design, signed by the Lanzarote artist and great defender of nature César Manrique. The restaurant's windows offer stunning views of the Mountains of Fire and the demonstrations of geysers on the islet of Hilario.

Mancha Blanca Visitor and Interpretation Center

It is a recommended stop for the visitor because of the interesting combination of methods to present the values ​​of the Timanfaya National Park. A part of the exhibition, known as "The Cave", try to reproduce in the visitor the sensation of experiencing an eruption in Timanfaya live.

The Timanfaya National Park, offers one of the most impressive landscapes you can imagine, a landscape that does not seem like this world. The volcanoes and lava fields they constitute one of the most picturesque visual shows of the Canary Islands, where the hand of man, vegetation and climate have not altered the pure beauty of this red and jet earth.

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