Los Cabos, tourism in Mexico

To reach Los Cabos you must reach the southernmost part of Baja California. Your experience will be completely different depending on the cape you want to visit. One is the quietest in the world and the other is ideal for those who want parties every night. Which one do you choose? You can make a perfect combination and enjoy both! Learn more about this Mexican destination in the following article.

Los Cabos, the end of the earth

That was the name that the area received a long time ago due to its location: the last portion of the Baja California peninsula. The American influence here is very large and at times it seems to you that you are not in Mexico ... although the residents do their best to maintain the charm of a town that has grown too much, but does not want to lose its roots.

The climate of Los Cabos is desert, quite hot in summer and somewhat mild in winter. The average temperature is 26 ° C per year. In the coolest months you can admire an incredible natural phenomenon: the procreation and birth of the gray whale in Magdalena Bay.

Los Cabos - Galyna Andrushko

In the high season the International airport of Los Cabos is full of tourists who arrive in search of beach, sun and many water sports (diving and kayaking especially). If you arrive from Mexico D.F. You can opt for a regional airline that arrives at the Cabo San Lucas International Aerodrome.

Tranquility or parties: what do you prefer?

Depending on what you consider a perfect vacation you can choose one or the other out. Are you looking for peace? Stay in San José. Do you want spree? Stay in San Lucas. Or make a perfect combination between them and have a great time!

La paz: San José del Cabo

The head of the municipality maintains the appearance and peaceful life of a Mexican people. The beach is its biggest attraction and everything revolves around the sea. You will see in your walks large bushy hills of cactus and all kinds of desert vegetation, in addition to a cleaning and a calm as in few places in the world.

Cortez - Ruth Peterkin

In the center is the church of San José, of colonial architecture, founded by the Franciscans. In front of it, the Central Square, the meeting point for residents and tourists. In the surroundings you can buy handicrafts and also visit art galleries To get to know Huichol art. To the south of the cape is the port of San Bernabé, which dates back to the 16th century.

The music: Cabo San Lucas

Little is left of the life of the ancient inhabitants of the area (the pericú tribe) and even of the first Europeans who arrived in the region commanded by Hernán Cortés. This is because Cabo San Lucas is a modern tourist spot with large-scale developments.

From 1974 to the beauty of the beaches and the warmth of its waters, a government project was added to make this cape one of the most beautiful centers in Mexico. The necessary infrastructure was added to meet the requirements of travelers.

Cabo San Lucas - gary718

For example here You can find internationally renowned hotel chains, a port where cruise ships anchor (It is the second most expensive in the world) and beautiful beaches full of people almost all year. Nightlife is very important, there are many clubs, clubs and bars facing the sea to enjoy until dawn.

«Except for the fisherman, everyone disappeared in Cabo, Cabo San Lucas. The Pacific is great as tequila. I have everything here, but I don't have you in Cabo, Cabo San Lucas. »

-Letter of «Cabo San Lucas», by Toby Keith-

But attention, that not everything is party and tequila in San Lucas. You can also take walks along the beaches, dive, enjoy a massage in a spa, visit museums and go shopping in Puerto Paraíso or Plaza Bonita.

And like everything that happens in Los Cabos and its dichotomy, there is a beach called Love and another ... Divorce! (Although it could be hate, but maybe they didn't want to use such a negative word). Both are between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

Arches in Cabo San Lucas - Allen Furmanski

In the surroundings you can find the stone arch in the Finisterra, the southern tip of the peninsula and that includes a viewpoint to recreate the precise moment in which the sails of pirate ships were sighted several centuries ago.

Everything in Los Cabos is entertaining and eye catching. You will spend some really beautiful days and above all different from each other. Do not miss this experience!

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