A walk through the palaces of Brussels

The capital of Belgium has so many tourist attractions that we would need several paragraphs to name them all. Y if there is something that characterizes this city are its majestic palaces... We have traveled and we will tell you below! We invite you to take a walk through the palaces of Brussels…. To travel in time or feel like royalty.

The Belgian capital gives us the possibility of eating the best chocolate in the world or drinking the most delicious beers you have ever tasted ... but it also allows us to get to know it intimately and intrude into your past through its beautiful palaces. Do not forget to visit:

1. Royal Palace of Brussels

It is located to the south, in the highest part of the city. It is undoubtedly one of the most prominent buildings in Brussels and headquarters of the country's monarchy. There are the royal offices, official meeting rooms, guest rooms (mostly heads of state) and some ministries.

Royal Palace of Brussels - skyfish

It began to be built in the 19th century according to the orders of the King of the Netherlands, William I. In the reign of Leopold II it was remodeled as it can be seen today. It was a royal residence until 1831, from that moment the monarchs live in the palace of Laeken, on the outskirts of the city.

It can be visited from July 21 (national holiday) until the beginning of September from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. To get to the Royal Palace you can opt for lines 1 and 5 of the subway, lines 92 and 94 of the tram and several bus lines.

2. Coudenberg Palace

It is below the Place Royal. Yes, this is how you read it. The remains of the destroyed and buried old palace in Brussels served to build that park. But nevertheless,Save underground treasures that we can visit by entering the Belvue Museum.

Coudenberg Palace - Johan Bakker / commons.wikimedia.org

The original works date from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, on the hill of Coudenberg. In their facilities lived different families: the Dukes of Barbante and Burgundy, the archdukes Albert and Isabel and Carlos V.

It was a symbol of real power until In 1731 a fire destroyed it almost completely. Then, on the ashes, it was decided to create a green area that residents and foreigners enjoy today.

3. Palace of Justice

It is one of the biggest and most impressive that you will find not only in Brussels or Belgium but ... throughout Europe! We do not exaggerate. It has an area of ​​26,000 m² and a height that exceeds 100 meters. It is the seat of the courts of justice and can be seen from almost the entire city.

Palace of Justice - Michel Piccaya

Its construction began in 1866 and finished in 1883 (the architect died 4 years before finishing the work). In order to carry out such a building they had to demolish the whopping ... 3,000 houses! At the end of World War II the Nazis set it on fire and the original dome was lost. The current one is thinner and taller.

Admission is free (another excellent reason to visit it) and has two floors and a basement, all open to the public.

«Brussels is a jewel, we are in times of celebration, it is ideal as a gift.»

-Fragment of the song “Bruxelles” by Bénabar-

4. Palace of the fiftieth anniversary

It is one of the most representative buildings in the Belgian capital and it has a triumphal arch with a bronze quadriga (similar to the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin).

It was built as part of the celebration for the 50 years of the country since its independence. It houses 3 museums: the 50th Anniversary, Military History and Autoworld (with cars from all eras).

Cinquantenaire Palace - mdmworks

To reach the Cinquantenaire Palace you can opt for the metro (lines 1 and 5), the tram (lines 81 and 83) and the bus (lines 22, 27, 60 and 81).

If you want to get a little away from the city center you can go north to Laeken Palace. Yes, where the kings live. It is only allowed to visit the public greenhouses during spring ... but it is worth it. The plant collection contains centuries-old specimens and exotic species in its glazed structures. In the vicinity is the church Our Lady of Laeken, in case you think that touring the garden is not enough.

Video: Documentary about the Royal Palace of Brussels version 2010 part 1 (November 2019).