Landmannalaugar, an Iceland that is worth it

Landmannalaugar is a small region of the Fjallabak Natural Park, a reserve that covers about 47,000 hectares in the inhospitable and lush highlands of the interior of Iceland.

It is an area that has been drawn by strong volcanic activity. The word that best describes the Landmannalaugar is impressive. In fact,is recognized as one of the best walking routes in the world for the beauty of its landscapes, which synthesize all the contrasts of Iceland.

Landmannalaugar - Filip Fuxa

Landmannalaugar is reached after having traveled more than 30 kilometers by a desert route of dark volcanic lands which makes it a lunar landscape.

They impress the mountains, which are shown in different colors and shades, sometimes in contrast to the snow white. An incredible landscape of valleys, rivers, lakes and lava fields.

Landmannalaugar, a landscape that will impress you

On this way we can contemplate the glaciers, volcanoes, fumaroles, ocher tones of burnt earth, its incredible natural hot springs, green meadows living with the ubiquitous lava, standing out among the perpetual ice and the colors of the varied minerals.

Mountains in Landmannalaugar - kavram

You can admire the top of the Eyjafjalajokull volcano and the Mýrdallsjokull glacier. If the day is clear you can enjoy watching spectacular views of almost the entire country. In the area you will also find an unusual geology, such as the multicolored rhyolite mountains and large lava fields.

The mountains show a palette of colors brown, green, pink, blue, yellow, black, purple and white. You will have two of the most popular mountains among hikers, they are Bláhnjúkur (meaning "blue beak") and Brennisteinsalda (which means "wave of sulfur").

The best trekkings

In Landmannalaugar you can perform simple Trekkings through breathtaking lava mazes, surrounded by fumaroles and high mountains. With the play of colors you will have the feeling that you walk in the middle of an abstract painting and, on other occasions, in a parallel world at the beginning of the Big Ban.

You can gloat between Petrified trolls forests, red-blue lakes, volcanoes about to explode and the green, blue and yellow sulphurous earth that expels smelly fumaroles through its pores.

Hikers in Landmannalaugar - Nicram Sabod

The trekking is very simple, there is signage all the way and the terrain is quite comfortable.Each route is approximately 12 to 15 kilometers long. and are separated by shelters with camping areas. There are bathrooms, showers (with coins), bunk beds, kitchen and heating in the shelters.

What to see on the tour

On the way to Landmannalaugar You can make a stop at the Hnausapollur crater. The black of the ashes and the lava, with the green of the moss and the lake in the middle, make it a beautiful place.

Already at the Landmannalaugar campsite, you can start with a route about 3 hours to Brennisteinsalda, a mountain of 881 meters from where there is a beautiful panoramic view of the area, has a slope of about 350 meters and is marked green.

There is another trekking route of 2-3 hours more through the Sierra de Sudurnamur, going through Vondugil. The views of the entire valley are spectacular.

“Our road is not through easy grassy meadows, but it is a steep and difficult mountain path. But always forward, upward, towards the sun. ”

-Ruth Westheimer-

After these walks you can enjoy a swim in the hot river, a stream of thermal water blocked with rocks and wood so that it forms a pool. The use of this thermal pool is free, has paid showers and quite close bathrooms.

Ljotipolur Lake - Filip Fuxa

Finally, you have to visit the crater of Ljotipolur, with a beautiful lake at its core and its walls of reddish hue.

Things to do in Landmannalaugar

Bathe in a hot spring of the area is a must, the powerful volcanic activity of the Veidvötn fissure causes thermal springs to emerge in many parts of Landmannalaugar.

You will find hot springs a few meters from the shelter, even you can alternate baths in hot and cold water pools and are fully equipped with wooden walkways to facilitate passage over the streams. After the bath you can take a rewarding horse ride.

Landmannalaugar - kavram

As well you can do some tours in all-terrain vehicles. For off-road lovers it is a special and rewarding experience, provided by an abrupt and difficult terrain that requires a lot of skill.

Landmannalaugar is a land that seems taken from a science fiction scene. There is much to admire in its routes, with mountains of beautiful colors and unparalleled views, framed in lava fields and dark sands. You can not miss this tour, even once in your life.

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