Nordlingen, a city inside a crater

The region of Bavaria has tourist attractions in any of its corners. Some are as famous as the city of Munich or Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the biggest attractions in the entire country. But there are less famous places with a unique charm and well worth a visit, that is the case of Nordlingen.

To reach this population, it is enough to travel an hour and a half by road from Munich. In any of the brochures or websites that speak of the busy Romantic Road through Bavaria will appear Nordlingen, a peculiar city that arose inside a crater. Not a volcanic crater, but one that caused a meteorite to fall.

Nordlingen and its medieval origin

The Nordlingen plant is clearly circular, like the sinkhole that created that meteorite, whose impact on planet Earth is estimated to have taken place about 15 million years ago.

Logically the man arrived here much later, since the current city originated in medieval times, when the circular shape of the land was used to establish the population there.

Dance House, Nordlingen - ArTono

But, as if that were not enough, the natural form of the territory, in the turbulent years of the Middle Ages it was not believed that natural protection was sufficient, so A wall with five doors and eleven towers was built to protect the population.

The wall of Nordlingen is the best preserved in Germany

The entire perimeter of the city retains its medieval walled and, not only that, but it is completely intact. The wall of Nordlingen is the best preserved in the country and is one of its great attractions. Even the famous medieval festival held in the city is named after the wall: Stadtmauerfest.

Nordlingen wall - dale_mcentee /

However, the attractions of Nordlingen continue through the medieval gates. There are still standing houses built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, in which materials such as stone and wood merge and architectural styles that range from Gothic to Baroque, through Renaissance forms.

Nordlingen bird's eye view

Norlingen - T-OKJ

A good place to contemplate the entire historical center is to ascend to the Daniel tower, which is the Gothic bell tower that is part of the church of San Jorge, 90 meters high.

There precisely one of the most unique traditions of the city is preserved. From 10 p.m. until 12 p.m., they keep watching over there two guardians and, every half hour, they reassure the neighbors with a shout that indicates that everything is fine. A curiosity that only remains here, although it was very common in other German cities.

This bell tower has survived the most troubled periods of the city, especially the Thirty Years War. In that period two important battles were developed in the vicinity of the population. In fact, the end of the Thirty Years War, in the 17th century, was the end of the first moment of splendor of the city.

"The people of Germany, drunk with the ideas of victory, do not suspect how terrible war is."

-August Macke-

The second moment would be the current one, since Nordlingen was practically not damaged or bombed during World War II. This has allowed the city to be conserved in a spectacular way, while the economic growth of the area has made progress, in the form of industries, to develop in the vicinity. Thus, a bright past, a thriving present and a promising future come together in Nordlingen.

Nordlingen museums

Streets of Nordlingen - Tilman2007 /

There are several museums that are worth visiting during a trip to Nordlingen. One of them is obviously the Crater Museum, where all the data about such a distant natural event is recounted.

Of course, another must-see point is the exhibition dedicated to the walls, which is the ideal complement after the walk through them. And finally, Nordlingen has two other very curious museums: one is exciting for fans of historical railways and another is about the media of the nineteenth century, it is the Augenblick Museum or Museum of the Moment.

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