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Plan your end of the year vacation in some Caribbean paradise

Are you tired of the cold? Although the Christmas season is related to low temperatures, coats and scarves, this time we want to make a different proposal, spend the end of the year in a Caribbean paradise in a swimsuit! If you like the idea, stay with us to know the best destinations. Live the end of the year in some paradise of the Caribbean End of the year is an ideal time to travel to the Caribbean.

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

The tourist, cultural and current image in Valencia is its City of Arts and Sciences. An architectural complex brimming with contemporaneity and beauty, but not designed to be contemplated, but to be lived inside. And is that each of these buildings is an important cultural center with the most dynamic programming.

The weather in Bologna, get ready for adventure

Located in Emilia Romagna, Bologna is one of the best preserved historic cities in Italy. In addition, it has the second largest medieval old town in Europe behind its Italian neighbor, Venice. We are going to tell you how the weather is in Bologna, so you can better plan your visit. What should we know about Bologna Bologna - Tullio Dainese / Flickr.

The Hague, the true capital of Holland

Did you know that The Hague is actually the administrative capital of the Netherlands? That is just one of the surprises that await us in this city of the Netherlands. Because traveling to The Hague, although not the most famous destination in the country, can really be considered a place worth knowing, both spending several days and taking an excursion from nearby Amsterdam, which is only 60 kilometers away.

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Discover Christmas in Paris, a few magical days

Paris is one of the most charming cities in the world. Its beauty is intensified more if possible by the Christmas holidays. Next, we tell you about the possibilities that Christmas brings in Paris. Everything you can not miss if you decide to visit the French capital at that time of year.

Punta Tombo: penguins in Argentina

There is no doubt that one of the best places to see penguins and other marine species is Patagonia, in southern Argentina. Punta Tombo is one of the largest reserves of Magellan penguins. We tell you all about her! Punta Tombo: an incredible reserve The penguins that live in Punta Tombo, in the province of Chubut, are the typical black and white people who seem to be dressed for a gala.

The 8 most colorful beaches in the world

One sense that we use a lot when traveling is sight. Beautiful landscapes fill our soul as we enter our mind through our eyes. That is why today we will taste a really peculiar tourist menu, the 8 most colorful beaches in the world. Approaching a beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters is always a magnificent experience.

We discover the beauty of Modena in Italy

In northern Italy we find this wonder. Modena is a city that has three places declared World Heritage Sites: the cathedral, the Civic Tower and the Plaza Grande. It is worth knowing and to encourage you we will discover its treasures. Modena, the city of the two rivers A few kilometers from Modena is the Apennine mountain range, but the city is located on a plain and surrounded by the Panaro and Secchia rivers.

Henry Matisse: the life and work of this French painter

Henry Matisse was a French painter, maximum representative of the pictorial movement called Fauvism. Next, we discover everything you need to know about his life and artistic career, as well as where to see some of his most important works. Can you come with us? A few strokes of the life of Henry Matisse Henry Matisse was born in Le Cateau-Cambrésis in 1869 and twenty years later, when he was convalescent of appendicitis and his mother took him several elements to paint, he began his artistic career.

Piazza del Campo, the heart of medieval Siena

The heart of Siena, in the beautiful Italian Tuscany, is considered one of the most important medieval historical centers in Europe in terms of beauty and architecture. Today we stop at Piazza del Campo, surrounded by beautiful buildings and stage of the Palio horse races.

6 places of interest in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

San Pedro de Atacama is a city in Chile located in the eastern part of the country, bordering Argentina. It is the gateway to one of the largest and most arid deserts in the world, the Atacama Desert. From it depart tours through the desert and visits to the many attractions that are nearby.

Night Safari, the Singapore night safari

The Night Safari and its neighbor Singapore Zoo are two of the most interesting attractions in the city. Places where nature lovers and families with children will enjoy. Both are located in the north of the metropolis. In fact, they are next to each other, operating independently.

5 fears that lurk travelers and how to conjure them

There are always fears that stalk travelers. It is something perfectly normal, especially when you go to a very distant destination or that is very different from what is familiar to you. And, if you have little experience traveling, it is logical that many fears assail you. The fears that lurk travelers are not always specific or precise.

The Camargue in France, a fascinating region

To the south of France, more precisely between Provence and Arles, is this beautiful natural region that seems to be taken from a story. With its wheat fields, its lagoons, its vineyards and the largest population of flamingos in Europe, La Camargue has all the tranquility and beauty you need for a relaxing getaway.

9 modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin

Naming all the modern and contemporary art galleries in Berlin is an arduous task. The German capital is one of the most dynamic cities in the international art scene and, therefore, has a magnificent exhibition offer. Almost anywhere in the city you can find artistic proposals of interest.