A walk between the coves and the medieval castle of Begur

Begur is a small town in Girona with four thousand inhabitants that during the summer is revolutionized. Its beaches and its medieval castle make it such an attractive tourist destination that the town multiplies its population. Do you want to know more about this town and its castle? We tell you! Begur, a charming town Begur - karnavalfoto Begur is a tourist destination mainly because of its historical past.

Places on the island of Sri Lanka to stay

The island of Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, is a huge island neighboring India. In fact, it is often referred to as "the tear of India." Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, it has become an amazing vacation destination. Here you will find good beaches, amazing landscapes and a heritage different from anything else you know.

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La Oliva, a paradise in Fuerteventura

Located north of the island Fuerteventura we find a municipality of extraordinary beauty. Political center of the island for years, La Oliva, in addition to a long history, hides spectacular landscapes. Join us and discover with us some of the essential places that you should know in your passage through this beautiful Canary Island, do you accompany us?

The 9 best bridges in the United States

The United States is a country full of architectural wonders, and its bridges are proof of this. There are many in the country, large and small, urban or built on wonderful natural settings. We want you to join us to cross the best bridges in the United States. You will love it. 1. Bridges of the United States: Golden Gate Golden Gate - ventdusud We couldn't start this list better than with the well-known San Francisco Red Bridge, the Golden Gate.

4 essential things to do in Requena

60 kilometers from Valencia is Requena, a municipality with an interesting historical and cultural heritage, the result of the various pages he has written in the history of Spain, both in events and in art. Today we recommend the best activities to do there. Do you want to meet Requena?

Doña Manolita, the most graceful lottery administration in Spain

If you have walked near the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, specifically on Calle del Carmen, maybe it has caught your attention. A row, sometimes eternal, in one of the establishments. Why? If you didn't know, you're about to find out. Doña Manolita is a very popular place where thousands of people go to buy a lottery.

St. Petersburg and its palaces

St. Petersburg, north of Russia and on the banks of the Baltic Sea, is the great tourist capital of the country. This is due to its spectacular location in a network of canals on the Neva River Delta and, above all, the spectacular historical and artistic heritage. A heritage embodied in numerous palaces, museums and temples that tell us about what was once the elegant capital of the empire of the tsars.

Essential stops in the Loire Valley

The route through the castles of the Loire Valley is one of the most famous tours in France. Along the riverbed of this river and its tributaries are numerous châteaux (palaces). Magnificent constructions of what were once powerful French aristocrats, including royalty properties.

6 places with the most incredible sunsets

There is nothing more special and romantic than watching a sunset and, if we also do it from a place full of natural beauty, it is an unforgettable experience. As every corner of our planet is full of the most spectacular natural landscapes, today we bring you a small selection of those sites that are listed as the best to see sunsets.

The medieval town of Besalú and its famous bridge

The Spanish geography is planted with lovely places, and a good example is the medieval town of Besalú. Located in the province of Girona, it was founded around the 10th century around a medieval castle. And before crossing its beautiful bridge to access the historic center, this town is able to make us travel through time.

Activities you can do in Taipei in Taiwan

Taipei, in Taiwan, offers numerous attractions for visitors arriving in the city. Therefore, we want to show you what you can do in it. Some activities are more typical than others, but all are worth taking a great memory of the trip. Do you dare to know what they are? Of course, they will not leave you indifferent.

What is the best time to visit the Caribbean?

Visiting the Caribbean is one of those experiences that everyone dreams of. A trip that we hope will be memorable, therefore, we must prepare it calmly and assess all the factors. Not only do we talk about the destination or the hotel where to stay, but also when making this trip. Here we will give you clues about the best time.

7 signs that you need a vacation

The body is very wise, so it constantly sends signals, for example, when you need vacations urgently. In general they don't pay much attention, but you should start doing it. In these times, of extreme competition and tremendous demands, vacations have ceased to be a luxury to become a necessity.

10 places where you can make a wish

You may have a blind faith in luck, or you may not believe in it at all. But surely more than once you have made a wish trusting her. Well, we take you to places around the world where tradition says that you can not only make a wish, but it also comes true. Do we try? 1. Trevi Fountain Trevi Fountain - Catarina Belova Little can be said that it is no longer known.